Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ultimate Autumn/winter 2012 wish list

Hey guys so its only 8 days till mine and the boyfriends holiday so im getting kinda excited. The only problem with going this late in the season is generally I find by the time we get back (September) the weather is getting colder and its back to work/uni, this wouldn’t be so bad if the us Brits didn’t put away our summer clothes the second it hits September but hey ho. Therefore I’ve started to shops for work clothes as I start my 1st full time job on the 3rd of September eek excited.

Each outfit is entirely from one website so im going to also review the site below the outfit!

Work wear

For me work is a chance to show off my fashion tastes we don’t really have a dress code aslong as its tidy and none offensive i.e. smart casual. Im loving both the lepard print and co-ordinate trends right now so for me this pushes all the right buttons, personally id wear it with tights.
River island – love this site plenty of choice easy to use, suggest related pieces and can easily view what is new in. Although I’ve yet to purchase the above outfit, but in the past I’ve found delivery to be prompt, quality as we expect from River island and returns no trouble. Only downside come sale time the site is a nightmare and this year had quite a few broken links



Although ive now left uni (hopefully only for a year) below is the short of outfit I would wear on a day in day out basis. Peplum tops seem to be a major trend in the coming season, personnaly id have liked to have paired it without bright coloured jeans but the website lacks these (have seen them in the store) and would prefer a peplum top without sleeves. This is the website I struggled with most so sorry about the quality of the outfit.  
Newlook – oh god where to start, instore I can normally find atleast 10 things I would like on the website im lucky if I get to one before I give up. The site for me has way to many clothes on it without a suitable search engine i.e. type in peplum tops (a big trend this season) and you get 3 tops yet a quick scan through the tops page spots 10 without really looking. It is also crammed full of basic which for me is a no no in online shopping as personally if I need a best/t-shirt etc ill pick it up in town when getting something else where as online im looking for something in particular not to traps through piles of dross. Also in the past ive struggled to get a size to fit me even in the store (Size 10) yet always find loads in big sizes (i.e. 16+) the website does seem to win on this points (loads in size 10)



Evening for me as a Geordie is about  fashion and 99.999% of the time being freezing, if your more sensible these shorts could be teamed with a blouse with a pretty collar or similar. Ive added two pairs of shoes as ive just gotta have both they are AMAZING. If I was you id get these short now as the store in town only had one pair of sequin shorts in a size 6 left
Topshop- great site with everything easy to find, focus on nice items with basics sidelined (brilliant) in the past delivery has been greats and have never attempted to  return anything to date. For me this goes slightly ahead of riverisland as I like the designer pieces that are featured on the site



For when your going out but don’t want to be dressed to go clubbing. Im in love with metallic leggings and actually have these.
Asos -  for me the sit e is ok the massive difference in price annoys me at times as youll be looking for something and constantly have to remember to set a price limit on the left handside as the prices vary by so much its easy to spot stuff you would love but is above budget.

Hot tub/Pool party

My parents purchased a hot tub years ago and around this time everyone starts coming rounds for hot tub parties as its usually just the right temperature

Hope you enjoyed the post and check back soon for my holiday make up packing list