Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sun, sea and cocktails

Well where to start, ive been back from Egypt over a week now! First off what an amazing country even if it is 39 degrees at 10pm, for me holidays are just a chance to relax round the pool with a good book and cocktail so didnt do much of the scuba diving that egypt is so popular for. We went on a Submarine which was really a complicated glasss bottum boat, was worth the experiance with some of the pictures included below. We didnt make it to Cairo which was a bit disappointing as i fancied seeing the perimids, but from people we know that have been apparently Cairo is violent and dirty something which im trying to find out for sure as we aim to return in September.

Medicine wise im getting there slowly but surely with the personnal statement, one thing that concerns me is this new restructuring of the NHS is likely to come up if i manage to get to interview stage cross fingures and toes. However i havent got a clue what the intended benefits of it are nor can i see any possible problem with it!

Ive got another job interview this time for a home carer in a local town so hopefully that will increase the experiance i can write about a little bit. St John wise was at the minners gala and doing another catherdral duty soon.

Thats all for now as got Taekwondo soon tho no where near ready if i want to go for 2nd Dan in December.


BTW anyone know how to stop these random chinese comments

EDIT - sorry turned on comment moderation untill i figure out how to stop these annoying junk comments