Sunday, 31 May 2009


Well the results are in for all but one unit and so far im averaging a 2:1 which is also my lowest module grade not what ideally wanted but im also happy with it seen as I could have worked a lot harder this year. The pharmacology exam was surprisingly easy and I passed it with 67%.

Ive got one assignment left to write so should be finished uni by Wednesday. I haven’t managed to get any work experience organised so this summer is going to be spent writing letters to every doctors surgery I can find.

The local hospitals around here only take work experience students from the local colleges. If anyone knows any that do take us gap year/uni students can you please email or comment me with them willing to travel anywhere in the Durham, Newcastle/Gateshead, Teesside, Cleveland area.

Spent Friday at Flamingoland which I have to say is a lot better than it used to be and the log flume is a lot cleaner this year.

Went to Yoga class last week and it was fun if painfull I recommend anyone who fancies it to have a go, don’t think I will be going back this week unfortuanly but really wish I was.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cant sleep

Cant sleep
Pharmacology exam at 2pm- will most definatly fail

More sensible post to come in the morin

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Microbiology hate - nunchucks

Exams suck we were told that only the stuff we were taught in lectures would come up in the exam, not the extra reading we did for an experimental write up. This ment that no one spent hours going over the Lac operon as to be frank its complicated and not that interesting. But what comes up in the exam oh only 40 questions on the Lac operon leading to everyone coming out of the exam going see you in august then (resit time) Im not happy as I have most defiantly now failed microbiology.

On a more happy note I managed to get a pair of nunchucks to play with today, so that’s me occupied for the rest of the night


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Taekwndo - black belt time

I have missed 4 Dan grades in Taekwondo which ive been eligible for, the next one is July which ill be away at the time of. So I have set myself the target of putting in to take my 1st Dan on the 5th December 2009. Just in time for Christmas shopping for a new suit.

Therefore from now on Taekwondo wont be a case of going for a good laugh im going to treat it like uni where im going to learn and improve.

My aim is to pass my 1st dan this year (I aint got a hope in hell but ill try) then put in for my 2nd Dan in 2011. After what happened the other week my aim is to climb the grades as fast as I can then begin teaching a woman’s self-defence class.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Uni exams arent that bad

Im once again laptop less and as im sat typing this in the university library I echo what other bloggers have said the university love to have the air con set to a temperature where it is warm in a fridge than in here.

Exams are going well and have not been as hard as expected. I have microbiology tomorrow which could change this however im hopefully that I have passed this year with a decent grade and not just the 40% needed.

Luckily this year doesn’t count so the real hard work begins next year. I will have officially finished 1st year a week today its strange looking back in August last year when I got my exam results I never imagined id be sat here today.

Its is also the time of year where the clubs and society of the students union submit their budgets for the next academic year, hence im sat here as Taekwondo club treasurer trying to find 3 quotes for equipment which is hard to find in the 1st place.

Im off now before my figures fall off as a result of the cold.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Really working from the bottom up

Well I didn’t get either of the health care assistant jobs I was interviewed for after applying for 20 of them. I have now decided aswell as applying for HCA jobs I will also apply for domestic assistant jobs.

This could turn into a going in at the real bottom of an organisation and working your way up journal.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I hate dell laptops

Ive had my laptop a year on 17 June and so far im missing a key, the battery isn’t recognised, and all the silver is coming off the case where my hand touches it when typing. So annoying.

Ive also fell out with one of my best mates as an exflatmate is spreading rumours about me.

On the application front, ive booked multiple opendays for uni me and a friend are interested in so should have a better idea of whats required of us by July time then the serioud work can begin.

Got two exams to revise for aswell.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Self defence part 2

Wow didn’t realise anyone actually read this blog so part 2. Sorry for the delay.

The guy decided it might be a good idea to grab my wrist, (for the non-martial artist this is the simplest grab to get out of and something we teach lower grades), split second thing I went for one of the first things I was taught purely on reflex and twisted out of it.

In the process I slipped my hand around his wrist bending his hand backwards placing my thumb into the pressure point on the back of his hand. As anyone who does a martial art will know this hurts like hell and your reflex is to bend over.

I then proceed to walk the guy down the stairs and hand him over the door staff.

Me:This ***** has just attacked me (while shoving him into the bouncers hand)

Bouncer: Looks shocked at the little 5’1 whiny girl shoving this guy at him.

I the turned and walked carmly back into the club to drag the rest of my mates away from his.

I don’t know why I reacted like this and it was purely reflex looking back now it wasn’t the brightest idea and the way I had him did leave me open to attack but luckily it worked.

Thanks guys for your concern Medic999 although that was very tempting I don’t think my instructor would have looked favourably on it or the police for that matter. You can also most likely fill in the blank of what I called the guy above typical geordie.

Project Mini

This is most likely going to give away who I am. Im adopted by my dad but know my real dad who is a violent abuse horrible man.

My step dad has always been my really dad and has raised me however we have never undertook a large project as just us two.

So the plan is to buy a salvage Mini and do it up Im going to create a second blog to chart the progress, just need to find a car 1st.


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Martial arts

To all you girls out there seriously take up a martial art or self defence class. Ive trained in taekwondo for a number of years now and have always seen the self defence we are taught as a bit boring and never thought I would use it.

How wrong I was.

At 10pm I got convinced into hitting town with some of the girls from my old flat so after a quick change it was off into town and straight into the club seen as it was already 1am. The RnB room of this club is upstair and is like a club in its own right. After getting ripped off at the bar £3 for a VK shock its Newcastle prices all over the region now. We decided to have a shot at dancing (cringes) that’s where the problem started, this group of men of African decent just wouldn’t leave us alone and could barely speak English. I thought nothing of it and wondered off to the toilet, one of the guys followed me and tried to drag me into the mens toilets.

I never thought I would ever use any of my taekwondo outside of the doujang, but was quickly proven wrong when he just wont let go of me.

More detailed post in the morning when I carm down and I apologise for any mistakes in this post if it just doesn’t make sense right now.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Domestic violence and whos the daddy

As a way of distracting myself from the dread assignments I started watching Kimberly young mum ten years on on 4OD and it made me think about what went on in my past.

Ive grown up with my mam and step dad but been forced by a court order to see my real dad. He was violent and regularly assaulted my mam and me, even all these years later I still find it hard to trust men.

People have pointed out that I generally go for Asian/coloured guys and don’t generally fall for white guys. I wonder if this stem from the fact that my step dad is Chinese and I trust him and love him, where as my real dad is white and when ever I see him all I associate him with is the violence in my past.

Recently ive found out that the male that contributed 23 chromosomes forged my signature on company documents leaving me liable for his company. In my eyes my real dad is the person which has brought me up where as my biological father is purely a sperm donor.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The burglarling cat

You ever find that your socks just go missing you wanna hope this guy doesn’t live in your neighbourhood.


Friday, 1 May 2009

Quick update

I didn’t get the job mentioned below however I did get an offer of an interview for another HCA job which to be honest I prefer, mental health hasn’t never really been an interest of mine.

Taekwondo going good I now think I know all my patterns which is a good sign for getting my black belt.

Better post tomorrow im off in the bath now after a hard training session HIIT kills when done properly.