Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A little tease

Its Sale time again and with this weather a trip to Newcastle was in order. Now for a little tease as well as loads of cheap clothes im likely to wear once I got a few nicer items...........any quess people one is a holiday item!!


Sorry this isnt a longer post but im only awake as next door has called the 9th ambulance this week and the diesel engine is keeping me awake grrrrrrrrr! Before people attack aswell this is a regular occurence over shit normal people would see a GP or stick a plaster on!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

D&G sunglasses

I know I know I said I would do an outfit post on my two new dresses but I haven’t actually had chance to wear them! First off on the medicine front I’ve been averaging around an hour’s UKCAT revision per day which I’m really happy about, also might be going to see a bone marrow biopsy with placement which will hopefully give me a great way of bringing placement into my personal statement.

For my boyfriend valentine’s gift I made a lot of voucher with varying thing on for his pleasure such as meals out and other treats hehe, on Friday he cashed in one with a meal at zizi’s somewhere I hate and he loves but hey I got a shopping trip out of it!!

Im off to Egypt in 67days (not that im counting) for mine and the BF’s first holiday together and was in desperate need of some black sunglasses so when I saw these beauties in House of Frasier I just had to have them.


I also managed to get a few Primark bargins one of which I have lost already, also got a Lipsy light up lipgloss (another post on that later when I’ve actually used it) and a collection of Barry M nail polishes.


Sunday, 3 April 2011

A little Matalan a little floral

Clinical training isn’t all I thought it was going to be; a lot of the laboratory is automated which from a student’s point of view means training isn’t all that interesting. I’m a significant way through my portfolio thank god, which is the more interesting part of my training for me including case studies etc.

As a break from work (yuk) Saturday me and my boyfriend decided a shopping trip was in order, now I’ve been after some of these summer floral dresses for a number of weeks now. As a student money is always tight so this Lipsy dress that I’m currently in love with was out of the question.


So on the hunt for something a little cheaper, I decided to have a quick look in Matalan and was shocked at what i found. It a store I’ve always visit for basics such as vest, knickers etc but never been overly interest in their clothes till now. I found these two beautiful floral dresses at only £15 each (Matalan card holders only) and just had to have them both, as well as a beach bag for £8.


The only complaint I have really is the promdress style halter neck is a size 12 were as the fitted dress (pink belt) is a size 8 my normal size, now I hate trying on clothes in stores but recently its something I find I’m having to do more and more.the 1st dress (halter neck) looks significantly nicer on than on the hanger, i may do an outfit post on it soon.