Thursday, 17 March 2011

Long time....a new direction

Well where to start with this update hmm might as well just confess now that I no longer have a life outside of uni.

In basic terms my life currently revolves around getting parts of my portfolio signed off, now this sounds easy enough but the standards are vague and I’ve currently done all the easy ones i.e. bench test such as IM or essays on Equal opportunities, now it evidence of how you contribute to the team etc hmmm.

Although I’m enjoying the lab it’s not 100% what I expected, the lab I’m being trained in is extremely automated which is great for day to day practice. However it leaves very little for us students to do, coupled with my desire to do medicine I’m not really stimulated by it at all. TBH I've been doing a case study which is about the only thing that’s motivated me to do any work in the last month.

Now onto the interesting part for the blog, a big passion in my life other than cars is fashion. Fashion is going to for part of this blog from now on, starting with my latest shopping trip.

2 hours in the metro 2 dresses + this little beauty