Monday, 25 July 2011

Final choices 2012 application - the final shot

I thought id blog a little bit about why I have chosen the uni’s I have to apply to next year/this year


This is and always will be my 1st choice, mainly because I’m a Northern lass with both a family and a boyfriend up here. My mam has had 3 strokes, granddad 2 MI’s and nana a brain haemorrhage and although they are all perfectly fine (Thank god) I would hate to think that I was hundreds of miles away and something happened.

However Newcastle offers something all the other uni’s on my list don’t and that a chance to study in and with the people of the region I hope to one day work for. You see the North East has a very diverse and different population to alot of areas due to the both the ethnic mix and deprivation of some areas, I personally think studying in this area would provide a great foundation for a career up here.


Low UKCAT cut off is a major factor along with early clinical contact. UKCAT will never ever be my strength however I have quite alot of experience i can write about in my personal statement.


Like the course structure, again a very diverse area like Newcastle, large course so my UKCAT should be ok for them


Heard great things and would love to live in London


Is nearly over and it has been great...............did i just say that shock, in all honesty it has had its boring bit however overall I’ve learnt so much not just about biomed but also about myself and am so glad I cocked up UKCAT or I would never have had a chance to do it.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Been revising for UKCAT resently and finding it much easier this year finally.

Thought i would post my final application schools :( as after this year im giving up trying atleast for a few years.

BM4 Newcastle - gotta keep dreaming
BM4 - Warwick
BM4 - southampton
4th choice no idea maybe BM5 Newcastle if I can afford it

All depending on UKCAT of course