Monday, 31 May 2010

Gulp Final year Biomedical science project

Im now seriously starting to look at ideas for this, like my second year project id like something more clinically relevent than lab science but cant think of any idea. Ill try to keep you posted as i move on. One exam remaining on the 4th of June then im free for the summer....bring it on

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Waxing my car counts as revision right.......i hate this course at times, tho i think i can now name every anti-biotic known to man arghhhhhhh

Modules for second year biomed if anyone interested
*Pathophysiology and therapeutics 1 - exam thursday (20th May)
*Pathophysiology and therapeutics 2 - exam done
*Analytical Biochemistry - 25th May
*Microbiology and molecular biology - Exam 4th June
*Proffessional Practice - No exam thank god
*Disease Process - exam done

I need to pick 3rd year modules prity soon and sort out a final year dissertation so will post about that once the hell of revision is over

Monday, 3 May 2010

Choices for medicine 2011

*Newcastle GEM
*Newcastle 5 year
*Durham 5 year
*Warwick GEM

Yes its a big big gamble but family circumstance mean i really want to stay close to home, which ive realised more than anything over the last few weeks. So thats it thats where ill be applying

*Personnal statement is nearly finished
*1 Month of revising for second year exams then its UKCAT revision until August when i intend to take the test
*Work experiance is finished
*St Johns is on going