Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Its nearly xmas

As we all settle down in the run up to xmas spare a thought for those that will be spending it wondering how their loved ones abroad fighting for this country are doing!!

Merry Christmas everyone

Monday, 12 December 2011

First rejection of 2011

Warwick rejection, was expected but rather upset :(

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

2nd time lucky

I forgot to write about my final choices for 2012 entry

Newcastle 4yr
Southampton 4yr
Warwick 4yr
Durham 5yr - dont ask how im going to afford it if i get an offer as I have no idea :(

Already thinking about GAMSAT for next year purelly for Notts.....Ill never not apply to newcastle hopefully eventually they just get so sick of reading my PS they will let me in :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Visiting hours – care for the elderly

Right off the back of my other post on mixed sex wards this seems rather personal, but is something I’ve had a passion for since I started volunteering.

I’ve always thought that visiting hours were to restricting and having been an inpatient (or inmate as I felt) I used to count down the minutes until visiting started again so I could see my family. Which brings me onto my first point,

1)Aslong as those without family are not neglected then I don’t see how this cannot benefits everyone as If a relative is looking after X it gives nurses more time to spend with Y

2)As for disturbing the patient, nurse should be educated on reasonable ways to discourage visitors or ask them to leave if the patient is obviously becoming tired or distressed.

3)Its being said that relatives are untrained which is true and therefore the tasks which they are being asked to do need to be limited, for example I would be happy to do any personnal care for my relatives, including bathing etc however some people wouldn’t and if the relative is not comfortable with what is required they need to be able to communicate this easily and not be forced into doing the task.

4)The type of hospital stay and length is also crucial, when I was in as a day patient my boyfriend was not allowed to remain on the ward with me which I found shocking (wisdom tooth removal) and think is an ideal opportunity for this new policy i,e relatives can keep a hold of clothes etc or in my case mash up the food so I could get out of there. However for a patient in long term it would be unreasonable to expect a relative to help at every meal time.

All in all I think the idea is a step in the right direction with people taking more responsibility for the people the love however the finer details need setting before it is rolled out in order to protect the most important people in the NHS – THE PATIENTS

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Whats in your bag - university

Seen a few of these lately and with all the new people going to uni for the first time (wish it was me) I thought id do one as a science student.


First credit to the bag that holds all this shit - A classic Miss Sixty
Personalised laboratory coat, Angel Perfume, Charlie red body spray, Purse, pink lecture notebook, white laboratory notebook, HTC desire, Hair brush, Pencil case, Calculator, Magazine, Diary, Car Keys

What does everyone else carry round at Uni

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fuschia Fever

Ive always been a cheapest nail polish in the colour I want will do girl. However bright pink has always been my colour so when I set eyes on this I just had to have it.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Fuschia Fever, glides on better than my Dior red and stay put for days (Excuse the wear, until today I worked in a hospital lab).


On to other news and ive got a job working as a bank PTA for a private ambulance firm whoot whoot

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Something a little bit medical – Its personal statement time again

Single sex hospital wards – yey or ney

This seems to be in the news more and more lately, while being something I strongly oppose. Yes they have their benefits of preserving a person dignity however not only do they cost more and often leave patients with the same conditions on different wards making life difficult for junior doctors the question I always ask is “What about husband and wife trauma injuries.”

Before I meet the one this was something that I didn’t even think about however now he is the only one I think about. If heaven forbid we were both ever to be hospitalised I would want to be with him every step of the way and if that meant some male looking at my privates so be it hell they are only body parts. Also when discussing this with some friends who have had children their husbands/partners were not allowed to stay over nigh after they have given birth something that shocked and saddened me greatly, while leaving me questioning is this also due to male/female split. It’s also something that would make me consider a more risky home birth.

What’s your thoughts opinion on this?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

21st Birthday

Quick upload of some of the best shots from my birthday

Cakes which turned out to be the most popular part of my party



Georgous Boyfriend blowing up all the balloons


Pressent off my parents



The mandatory sash for a northern girl


Attack on the front door


Saturday, 20 August 2011

It doesnt feel like 3 years ago

Three years ago today I had my place at Sunderland confirmed, having missed my med offer it was a sorrow time and tbh i didn’t really want to go to Sunderland.

However three years later im having the time of my life, have meet the guy that hopefully will one day be my husband. Looking back I wasn’t mature enough to start medicine at 18 (I was 18 3days before results) now 3years later im in a much better position to apply and no that hell yes it’s defiantly for me.

Congrats to all those off to medical school, to those that didn’t quite make it good luck this year and if your off for another degree then enjoy it. I know i will be enjoying my final year at Sunderland.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Final choices 2012 application - the final shot

I thought id blog a little bit about why I have chosen the uni’s I have to apply to next year/this year


This is and always will be my 1st choice, mainly because I’m a Northern lass with both a family and a boyfriend up here. My mam has had 3 strokes, granddad 2 MI’s and nana a brain haemorrhage and although they are all perfectly fine (Thank god) I would hate to think that I was hundreds of miles away and something happened.

However Newcastle offers something all the other uni’s on my list don’t and that a chance to study in and with the people of the region I hope to one day work for. You see the North East has a very diverse and different population to alot of areas due to the both the ethnic mix and deprivation of some areas, I personally think studying in this area would provide a great foundation for a career up here.


Low UKCAT cut off is a major factor along with early clinical contact. UKCAT will never ever be my strength however I have quite alot of experience i can write about in my personal statement.


Like the course structure, again a very diverse area like Newcastle, large course so my UKCAT should be ok for them


Heard great things and would love to live in London


Is nearly over and it has been great...............did i just say that shock, in all honesty it has had its boring bit however overall I’ve learnt so much not just about biomed but also about myself and am so glad I cocked up UKCAT or I would never have had a chance to do it.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Been revising for UKCAT resently and finding it much easier this year finally.

Thought i would post my final application schools :( as after this year im giving up trying atleast for a few years.

BM4 Newcastle - gotta keep dreaming
BM4 - Warwick
BM4 - southampton
4th choice no idea maybe BM5 Newcastle if I can afford it

All depending on UKCAT of course

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Barry M nail polish - unimpressed

After hearing everyone rave about Barry M nails varnish I just had to give them a go. What can I say but I was totally unimpressed with the normal colours – streaky, pale, life less is the only comments that come to mind. After spending nearly 20minutes painting my nails with 4coats to get anything that looks like a decent colour the varnish was that thick it took forever to dry and still looks streaky.

The crackle effect was much better and something I will be purchasing more colours in as and when they come out. But for now it’s back to trusty No7 nails for me even if the colours aren’t my favourite this year.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A little tease

Its Sale time again and with this weather a trip to Newcastle was in order. Now for a little tease as well as loads of cheap clothes im likely to wear once I got a few nicer items...........any quess people one is a holiday item!!


Sorry this isnt a longer post but im only awake as next door has called the 9th ambulance this week and the diesel engine is keeping me awake grrrrrrrrr! Before people attack aswell this is a regular occurence over shit normal people would see a GP or stick a plaster on!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

D&G sunglasses

I know I know I said I would do an outfit post on my two new dresses but I haven’t actually had chance to wear them! First off on the medicine front I’ve been averaging around an hour’s UKCAT revision per day which I’m really happy about, also might be going to see a bone marrow biopsy with placement which will hopefully give me a great way of bringing placement into my personal statement.

For my boyfriend valentine’s gift I made a lot of voucher with varying thing on for his pleasure such as meals out and other treats hehe, on Friday he cashed in one with a meal at zizi’s somewhere I hate and he loves but hey I got a shopping trip out of it!!

Im off to Egypt in 67days (not that im counting) for mine and the BF’s first holiday together and was in desperate need of some black sunglasses so when I saw these beauties in House of Frasier I just had to have them.


I also managed to get a few Primark bargins one of which I have lost already, also got a Lipsy light up lipgloss (another post on that later when I’ve actually used it) and a collection of Barry M nail polishes.