Monday, 16 February 2009

Cars, timetables and student finance

I often whinge about how much work I have to do, so thought it might be a good idea to publish my timetable. Will also give anyone who is thinking of studying biomedical sciences an idea of the hours required.

Monday- morning of lectures

9-11 Fundamentals of pharmacology

12-1 Fundamentals of pharmacology

Afternoon off currently trying to organise work experience in this gap

Tuesday- a good mixture of labs and lectures

9-12 Fundamentals of pharmacology LAB

12-1 Cell biology

2-4 Cell biology

Wednesday- quite day with lab fun

Morning off again trying to get work experience or a job organised for here

2-5 Cell biology lab

Thursday - a day of lectures

9-11 Molecular biology and micro biology

12-1 Molecular biology and micro biology

3-4 Fundamentals of pharmacology

Friday- Physically hard day on my feet for 6 hours minimum.

9-12 Molecular biology and microbiology


2-5 Laboratory skills

I’m now 100% skint, the car died again today and look like its going to cost me a new alternator.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The biggest down side to uni

I’m ill once again although the living in halls experience is a great side to university it does have a major pitfall. I have once again got cold the second time in as many months, once the virus hits it not a case of if you get the cold its when you will get it, living in such small quarters makes it inevitable. Sighs and sniffles. Seen as I feel rotten and had taekwondo on Friday, ive gone home for the weekend to a surprise of alot more snow than back at uni whoooot fun time.

Microbiology is so far my favourite unit, below is a pic of the what we’ve spent the best part of 6 hours of lab time doing. WASH YOUR HANDS PEOPLE


The medics snow man. The halls I live in has a block dedicated to Newcastle medical students who are on placement, below is a snow man we ended up messing on building with them.


Saturday, 7 February 2009

Catch up part 2

I really don’t haven’t updated this in ages, but im going to attempt to turn over a new leaf. On the uni front ive passed all my first term modules granted one with not the mark I really wanted, but have started the new modules with an idea on how to get the grades I want.

Not really enjoying halls anymore and wish id just lived at home, me and one of my flat mates are poler opposites with totally different values and always seem to be arguing of late. Next year will def be living with the parents but not sure if that’s worse hmm well see in time.

Managed to move a little bit further forwards with the voluntary work but still not started. CRB check say that your address is your halls of residence, which is fair enough. But as I don’t live their permanently, I haven’t changed any of my bank statements bills etc to that address so don’t have any evidence to send to them which is proving a bit of a nightmare. Organising work experience is proving even more difficult recently sent 30 letters to GP’s so far have heard back from two both of which wont take me. ANY SUGGESTIONS IN COMMENTS PLEASEEEEEE

Im currently at home for the weekend after being at senior grade training for taekwondo. The snow here is way more than at uni, so been out to have some fun. Living on the coast means we had some on Monday and that’s been about it.