Monday, 30 March 2009

No updates for a few days

Im typing this just before my laptop battery dies and the charger is broken so bye bye for a few days

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

stressed to hell

its 2.50am and im just startting to revise for my pharamacology exam which is at 3pm argh. I also have a lab report to write for 2pm on friday. The work load is really starting to get to people as they havent bothered to spread things out. So far this week we have already submitted 3 assignments more than in the last 2 months.

more at the weekend when i have time to think

Monday, 23 March 2009

Tuition fees

To everyone at uni or going think about singing to keep fees at there current level.

Ill post a more detailed update later about my weekend at the MYka meet.

Just after i finish
*Microbiology portfolio
*Pharmacology lab report

Both of which are due in tomorrow i also need to write a lab report on glucose tolerance for friday arghhhhhh the fun.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for uni students, are once again in the news ( The vice-chancellors are calling for fees of between 4k-20k ouch. This is shocking no way will I be able to follow my dream of becoming a doctor if these fees are introduced and that’s with a supportive middle class family.

Just a quick question for your thoughts, how would you feel if all your doctors, lawyers etc came from rich families? Part of the personal statement we write for application to medicine is about showing your understanding of the width and challenges of medicine.

How are doctors going to be able to relate to patients when all of their life they have been brought up in a life of extreme privilege, as this is what will happen if fees rise so high that the majority of students cant afford them. I know I find it hard to relate to students that literally have to scrap by on smart price food and hardly ever go out as that is all they can afford. Now imagine how hard it would be to relate if a simple phone call to daddy got you the latest land rover, hand bag, phone, clothes etc things these people can only dream about.

The governments target of 50% of students in higher education will go straight out of the window if these fees are introduced.

I should really be typing up my lab report for cell biology however I seem to have become very easy to distract since the start of uni. Its would have also been mine and my ex-bf 3year anniversary today meaning im not in the right mood to work but needs must.

I have also applied to two more HCA jobs and a job as a ambulance care assistant which although the job description is very vague sounds interesting. Fingures crossed I get one of these

Sunday, 15 March 2009

How to waste time

One of my big interests is modifying my ford ka, so after my cell biology exam the other day I decided to go take some decent photos. Cherry Knowles is an abandoned asylum not far from where I live and provided a spectacular backdrop for some night shots.


Now while im writing this blog im meant to be starting my cell biology lab report which is due in on Wednesday and my pharmacology lab report which is due in on Tuesday. But seen as im currently at home, im very distracted and have so far managed to do just about everything but…..must do some work just after I back to black my bumpers and go pack all the washing my mam has done for me.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Autism abseil

On Sunday the 17th May 2009. I will be abseiling off the glass centre in Sunderland to raise money for Daisy Chain Teesside.

Daisy Chain is a charity working with children with autism. For more information their website can be found at

I have created a justgiving page ( ) and am asking any of you to give a donation no matter how small.

Oh yeah and any tips on how to do this when your scared of heights would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

work work work and more work

Whoooot managed to move halls about a week ago, granted this had made things with uni even more hectic. Loving my new flat but it further from uni so now get up at 6am (its still dark sighs….)

My life at the minute is just one long to do list

-black belt grading to prepare for

-Cell biology lab report

-Lab skills lab report x 2

-Cell biology test to revise for

-Pharmacology test to revise for

Off to taekwondo tonight then going to try and burn some midnight oil and get the introduction for cell biology finished.

Had a meeting about work experience today and it looks like the GP practice will be willing to take me on find out defiantly on 23rd. No news on the job front which is a shame but ill just keep trying. 40+letters to get 1 work experience placement god this med application is physically demanding.