Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Quick update

Im currently on my FAW (First aid at work) with st johns finish tomorrow so promise ill get a post up then

Thursday, 5 November 2009

St Johns

Was on duty at bonfire night got soaked through to the skin. Still trying to dry out.

My case studies are submitted yey free time!!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Case Studies arghhh

I went back to uni this year determined that all coursework would be done more than the day before hmmm thats why im sat in the library at 7am on the day my 1st piece of assessed work is due.

I really must learn to organise my life!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Case Studies

one down one to go. 4,500 words on one. God I love university!

My current to do list

-Case study 1
-Case study 2
-Analytical biochemistry lab report
-Molecular microbiology notes
-Analytical biochemistry notes
-Pathophysiology and theraputics notes

Been at St Johns swimming gala today was fun but tiring!

Friday, 30 October 2009

GP shadowing

The last week I’ve been thinking about what i could possibly write in my personal statement about the work shadowing I’ve just done. TBH for me it has just become box ticking as I know I want to do medicine now and nothing is going to confirm or change my mind that happened a few years ago now.

So what did i do??

-Shadowed in a baby clinic ( I so want a kid right now)
-House visits – just wow
-Went out to a homeless hostel
-Sat in on surgeries
-Shadowed district nurse

TBH I’m not going to post exactly what i learnt or intend to write about as our PS are checked using plagiarism software which scans the net for similar phrase.
The main point that came out of this for me that is different to what i had experienced on previous work experience was the desperation along side of wealth near where i live.

I personally come from a comfortable well off family where both my parents are in the police force and we have a business, I’ve never known my family struggle for the basic of life ie we have never had to think where is our next meal coming from or how am i getting to work tomorrow.

These people struggle for even the basic necessities never mind the thing i take for granted ie Dad I neeeeeed an iPhone, Dad can i have some money to go out etc. Im most of us have done this and i imagine alot of medical applicant will have purely due to a significant proportion of medical applicants coming from the middle class.
I slowly realised how much I would struggle to relate to these people if i ever become their doctor, not out of lack of wanting to but rather never having been in that position myself. It also made me think twice about my attitude of get off your arse and get a job, it really isn’t that easy for some people ie those with long term medical conditions etc.

I’m going to come back to this later as I’m really struggerling how to express what i want to!

Over all yes this work experience although not changing my mind on what i want to do with my life it has changed my attitude to a significant proportion of our society which must not be forgot or sidelined.

Unfortunately right now i don’t have time to do any significant work in this area but it is defiantly something I WILL be doing in the future.

Step 1 Convince dad to donate all the leftover food (Tonnes of it) from the business to the local homeless shelter at the end of the night.


Just a quick post to see if this works. Got the new toy on Tuesday and still trying to work out exactly how to use it. I've got a proper post wrote actually on my application to post up!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Work shadowing

With the GP was great more on that later when i finish my diary!

Just heard back from all the local hospitals and its a no on the work experiance front. Seen as most graduate entry programs expect significant work experiance I think this could be the end of trying to get into graduate entry before i have even sent my UCAS.

WHy is it so hard to become a doctor goes off to cry in a corner!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Case studies - laptops suck

“A67 year old leukemic patient developed bacteraemia in hospital. It was suspected that his plastic central line catheter was colonized as indicated by the swelling at the point of entry in his skin. Blood culture showed gram-positive cocci in clusters.”

Thats my case study seems easy enough however my laptop picked tonight to totally corrupt and i have now lost all my work, so dont expect to be around for a few days!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The downside to group work and shadowing

This is meant as rant rather just some info on why group work is bloody hard work.
One of our modules is analytical biochemistry which is an ok module however we have a presentation to do on the 1st week lab. Luckily everyone in our group but two are good mates so it should have been easy hmm not.

Why can’t people just do their work and get off their backside to come into uni.

*We need to compile our data however one pair out of the 4 pairs has made the standard curve but hasn’t actually tested the sample

*One can’t be bothered to send me the results and doesn’t want to come in on her day off ie tomorrow

*Two pairs couldn’t be bothered to stay back after lecture on Monday so we are now going to be doing it tomorrow ie the day before its due

Ohhh don’t you just love group work.

Now for something I do love

£4 for small piece and regular side at Pizza hut I think we have found our new dinner hide out for this year yummy.

Shadowing in less than a week so should be blogging every night then, went up to have to find where I am going yesterday and the surgery is huge. Hopefully that will give me something to mention on my personnel statement as all the GP shadowing I have done previously has been at small town/village surgeries where as this is in a deprived area of a major city so I expect the patient will be significantly different even if the clinical conditions are the same!

Friday, 9 October 2009


Im now back being a regular hospital volunteer. Ive been doing some meeting a greeting which basically involves pointing people in the right direction or if they look like they won’t be able to find their way ie older people taking them down to where they want to be. Now im the sort of person that managed to miss multiple 30foot motorway signs for Hexham however I didn’t realise until I ended in Morpoth a good few miles further north.

I haven’t managed to get anyone lost yet. This week I took a parcel collector (blonde moment and I can’t think of a better way of putting it) down to a ward to collect what I thought was going to be a simple letter. Uh huh I thought wrong but it was actually quite good.

The parcel was 8 boxes of donated medical supplies to a clinic in Pakistan I didn’t realise medic over here were able to get so involved in medicine in poor country and it is defiantly something I can see myself doing in the future. I really take my hat off to the medic who is organising it.

A funny if stupid video

UNI update

Well we’ve been back long enough to form opinions of our new lectures all of which I would say are ok apart from a certain one. He has us for one module and im beginning to hate it. Course work accounts for 40% of our module mark which is great and allows for you to bank and significant proportion of the marks need for a 2:1 or indeed a 1st before even stepping foot in the exam hall.

Brilliant I hear you saying. Well 10% of these marks come from two case studies which are easy enough in their selves if we had been taught what he expected. Ie does he just want the biomedical test or does he want the pathological basis of the disease. Does he want an explanation of how they cause symptoms or even what these symptoms are I feel a headache coming on. Have an appointment with my tutor on Monday to discus it and hopefully get some idea of what to do.

Other than that nothing much to blog about, taekwondo is going good and my grade is getting scaringly close also have work shadowing soon. Haven’t been doing as many HCA shifts as I hoped but that will improve once I get back into the habit of juggerling twenty things at once.

The uni taekwondo club starts back on Sunday and we managed to sign up loads of people at fresher fair so it will be interesting to see how many turn up seen as the session is free we expect quite a few.

Ill leave you with a song im currently addicted to have on repeat.

Britney spear – 3 or 1,2,3

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Came across this today really makes me wish my parents would hurry up and move so i can spend all my summer holidays there

You know it's July in Florida when:

Hot water comes out of both taps.

You find out that a seatbelt buckle makes a pretty nice branding iron.
Yes, it gets hot in Florida. But did you know it got this hot?

The trees are whistling for the dogs.

You find out that you can get sunburned through your car window.

The birds need to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground.

You burn your hand opening the car door.

The temperature drops below 95 and you put on a sweater.

You can make instant sun tea.

Shade determines the best parking space, not distance.

Farmers feed their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard boiled eggs.

When you step outside at 7:30 a.m., you break into a sweat.

Potatoes cook underground. This is convenient because all you have to do is pull one out and add salt, pepper and butter.

You discover that asphalt has a liquid state.

You realize that it only takes two fingers to steer your car.

One day one day i will live in a hot country

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

St Johns, Voluntery work and uni

I originally stared this blog to chart my progress hopefully to medical school but it seems to have got well a little bit side tracked so a little post that is on topic.

Voluntary work

I went back after having shingles on Monday and was volunteering as a meet and greater in outpatients. Now this would have been fine at the hospital I used to volunteer at last year however where I am now, I have no idea what department is located where or anything. As you can imagine the shift was hard work to say the least but I now know my basic way round the hospital. Also a Asian couple came down looking for a taxi home no problem for me it was only when the guy I was with pointed out that I had responded in Chinese to them that I actually realised I had! See I have usefull for some things!

St Johns

Hmm where to start
Induction – Apparently I was meant to be on a induction course last weekend which I could have gone had they bothered to tell me I was meant to be going.
Hopefully will be going on the course shortly so should have more to post on after that.

That’s about it really its my 1st week back at uni so haven’t got much work to do thank god! Every introductory lecture so far has stressed to us how much work is involved this year to the point im actually beginning to get scared.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Doing a degree you dont want to do!

I really intended to write this when Alevel results came out but never got round to it so here goes.

For some you this week will have been the 1st of many at medical school for some it will be the start of a gap year and for others it will be the start of a degree that you really don’t want to do. This time last year I was in the later group, I had drastically missed my medical school offer and was faced with giving up medicine or trying for graduate entry.

As anyone who actually read this blog know I decided on graduate entry and got a place at Sunderland University on Biomedical Science Bsc through clearing. A year today I was sat in my halls flat looking forward to Monday my 1st day of lectures. A year later im sat at home still looking forward to Monday. Its been a difficult but successful year to be 100% honest I haven’t really done much to benefit my application but have a lot lined up for the coming year. Im now a HCA and a volunteer with St Johns ambulance.

I guess what im trying to say is that bad Alevel results aren’t the end of the world and if you are starting a degree that you don’t really want to do still go into it with your heart set on getting a 1st and try to enjoy yourself.

I have an uncle who is a doctor and he had already bought me a stethoscope for results day last year sadly i havent got to use it yet but when I found it the other day it reminded me why I work so hard at my degree.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Update - uni has begun again

Well its finally hit me how soon lectures start ie Monday! So at 2.35am im sat printing 300 pages that when stapled will form my copy of the lecture slide for the next month. Yup just a month.

It’s the sport and society fare on the 30th of September so I need to try and think of something interesting for the taekwondo club to do – suggestions in a comment!

Don’t know what else to write about really so just a quick ill be back with more regular updating now I actually have something to blog about.

My long to do list also includes an essay on taekwondo if I ever want to grade oh boy fun times. Training tomorrow and Friday whoot actually looking forward to it for the 1st time in a long while which is reassuring.

Friday, 18 September 2009

No uni accomodation

Well im a sunderland university student, now from past years most second years have lived in halls of residence however this year due to the huge demand for university places the uni has took on way to many people.

Guess who no longer has a flat yup me – house hunting tomorrow. More than a days notice would have been nice.

Thanks sunderland university!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Bah bad mood

I know know i intended to post but im in the worest premenstral mood ever. Spent 4 hours in A&E with the mother, after driving for an hour as she wouldnt listen to me about our local A&E having closed. Felt like batting a bouncer in the face.

Not happy going to bed before i kill someone. Also in a very jelous mood about some medics i meet today that are arses. Why do grades mean everything now!


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bit and bobs - proper post tomorrow


Well im loving my job so far, got puked on by a drunken teenager at 11am today like WTF. Strangely it made me smile and feel like a medical applicant again not just a failure which to be honest is what ive been feeling for the last year. Yes ill admit im slightly weired!


Preparation going well grading is getting closer and im getting more nervous.

Hmm what else

I haven’t been up to much really went to St Johns on Monday other than that been decorating my step parents house. Kinda boring roll on the start of uni in a few weeks!


Brilliant book – you should all check it out


That’s I for tonight I promise ill write a proper post soon – thanks to a certain reader for getting into contact with me makes me keep blogging when I realise I aren’t just talking to myself. Double promise on the relevant post tomorrow it may be something on my dissertation plan!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The joys of kids

Bloody kids
I got landed looking after the neighbours twins today, now although this is fun they are so picky when it comes to food it’s a nightmare!

The convocation went something like this

Me- You want fish and noodles
Them – Yuk
Me – Fish and chips
Them – Yuk
Me – Pizza
Them – Yuk
Me – Mc Donald’s just don’t tell your dad
Them – Nah
Me- well what do you guys want
Them – Shrugged their shoulders
Me- Arghhhhhhhhh storms into the kitchen.

Here was my idea – mini jacket potatoes


Thank god they ate it. Ive recently done my 1st shift as a HCA so will write something to do with that shortly after I find the floor in the games room again. St John’s tomorrow so might try and write something about that. My CRB that was sent off for them should have come back by now as the one I sent after that has. Thank god they don’t show up speeding tickets was really worried about that.

By the looks of that photo I need to invest in a new phone, shame it has to be orange…I wonder when my upgrades due.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Why medicine the dreaded question and for me why not a paramedic?

The question most applicants dread at a medicine is “Why do YOU want to be a Doctor?”. Now to most people this seems a simple question to me it so isn’t. To be honest I don’t have a hard fast answer, medicine for me is just something I really really really want to do.

When I think back part of the reason for this is the fact I nearly died from a nose bleed (More on that later) and the fact my mam had a stroke when I was 10. Both these events made me realise that I want to be a doctor and help to heal the complex human body. (I should be revising anatomy right now). Now this reason for admission tutors wouldn’t get me an offer not even close.

I did quite abit of work experience in year 12 and loved it, the time I spent in GPs and hospital confirmed for me medicine was what I really wanted to do but shall I tell you something I still didn’t have a hard fast answer for the question. Why medicine or the worse one Why not nursing.

If im going to be honest my answer for the why not nursing question is easier,

-Increased responsibility of a doctor – I enjoy leading teams and being able to find the answer
-Prescribing right
-Im a big geek at heart and love science the limits of the nursing course would have me constantly asking why I need details I need to know the tiny details i.e that equation that’s going to be no use in clinical practice.

Now im going to have to work on that again if im hoping for grad entry!!!!

Why not a paramedic?

This is the big one for me, when I missed my medicine offer and was faced with clearing I did nearly go to Hertfordshire to do Paramedic sciences. If I hadn’t come home that day to cry that I was never going to be a doctor id likely be writing a very different blog right now.

Yes my interest in medicine is pre-hospital care and trauma, but as my dissertation is going to reflex im interested in what role a doctor has in this! As paramedics get more and more qualified they are creeping on doctors knowledge and are in emergency situation more useful that medics (More on that in the nose bleed post!). So what changed my mind – Again I want that vast medical knowledge and the big bag of tricks. Oh yeah and if I don’t get into A&E, ICU will be my next choice.

Im posting this up mainly for my benefit so I can come back to it over the next two years up to application and see how my views change! Hopefully ill be able to answer that question more confidently soon if not im fucked!

Shame just knowing deep down its what you want to isn’t enough!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Application - GEM

Well its time I started to think about where I want to go for my med degree or more realistically where im likely to get a place considering my Alevels grades!

Over the next few months we will be travelling to a lot of the universities that offer GEM (Graduate entry to medicine). Ill try and write up a small bit on each one as I go along. For now ive looked through all the prospectuses and am thinking long the lines of

Newcastle GEM
Newcastle 5Year
Nottingham GEM
Warwick GEM

Im a northern lass born and bred so would love to stay up here shame our local med school is so competitive. The 5year course is also an insurance grads are systically alot more likely to get an offer on the 5yr course than GEM due to their being alot more 5yr places.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

In love with vission express

Well I managed to get these babies down from £80 to £20 bargin tho the total bill was £70 ouch bloody eye test and contact lense test cost. On the reassuring front my prescription the same as it was two years ago, so hopefully it ill remain the same for the next two years and i can get laser surgery after my 21st.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Yes im a stereotypical geek

Well im kinda blind as bat without my glasses so you can imagine my horror when my brother sat on them. Luckily I have a pile of contact lenses for in the shop (for the none glasses wearers steam off cooking plus glasses = being able to see jack shit).

The one thing I love living up north is we are around ten minutes from the Metro Centre which is open as normal on bank holidays and late on weekdays, a big plus for someone like me who never manages to be organised enough to go shopping etc at normal time/ on normal days.

Hopefully dad will be paying.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

BBQ and being a veggie

Surprisingly ive so far manage to stick to it but the lack of food means the drinks rapidly going to my head. Had a great post line up for tonight but it will have to wait.

Now to go be the sensible one and drag the idiots out of the hot tub, thank god we emptied the pool.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Wow a post thats not a winge

Whoot im happy had a great night training at taekwondo, have a family BBQ tomorrow. Oh yeah and my uncle got me a pink stethoscope to hang on my notice board as reminder of why i am up at 3am writting a dissertation proposal. Actually must get back to it


Thursday, 27 August 2009

NHS vs private a personnal opinion

As promised a health care related post. I was reading the junior doctors blog earlier and came across this post The Junior Doctor it something I intended posting on after my accident ( post is HERE ) but never got round to however after recent events ill post it now. The NHS really does seem to get a lot of negative press which in my opinion it doesn’t deserve.

I posted a few weeks back about being involved in a car accident the care I received after this was excellent, today I had to go back to the hospital for a check up due to having asthma and my chest being injured in the accident.

Now bare in mind ive only had one serious asthma attack and that was my fault. Cycling 5 miles then trying to spar for an hour when you have exercise induced asthma and haven’t took your preventer inhaler isn’t a good idea. Unless I want to do the likes of above I can get away with not taking anything so not really a case for regular hospital checkups. However the consultant I saw today was excellent answered all my questions etc and reassured my mother. Definite thumbs up – This was an NHS appointment as I was automatically referred back to him due to being taken to an NHS A&E. My appointment was at 9am and I was seen on time and out of the hospital by 10am.

Now we do have private medical insurance – the reason why ill explain in a later post.

Now day before yesterday my mam went into have the leaders in her toe cut and her toe straightened. This was at one of the local hospitals run by our insurance company. She had to be in for 7.30am and was booked to go down to theatre at 9am we were told she was the 1st patient of the day. Now remember this is a private hospital that does not deal with emergencies, she eventually went to theatre at 11am.

When ive previously been to this hospital all relatives are offered coffee etc while they wait for the patient to come back from theatre and are told before they arrive so they can be waiting for their relative. On this occasion no coffee and my mam was back on the ward an hour before we were told she was back not good when this operation is costing the insurance over 10k.

Now im prepared to forget about this and just get mam ready to go home, the consultant came back around and rudely said to my mam she was free to go at 3pm. Didn’t answer any of my mams questions or anything.

After the drip had finished my mam asked the nurse to remove the IV 9 times only to be told certainly ill come back in a few minutes to do this. After wandering round a few times it was obvious the nurse weren’t short staffed but rather sat drinking coffee at the nurses station. Now im well aware they need time to relax but there were 10 nurses and HCA sat at the nurse station and 5 patients on the ward. The staff ratio is meant to be 1 nurse and 1 HCA to a patient with each consultant only having 4 patients booked in per day and each consultant having a SHO or registrar.

As said the consultant discharged my mam at 3pm it was 5pm by the time the nursing sister came and removed my mam IV so she could leave the ward.

Overall not good service.
In the case of my accident I had
Chest xray
Neck and back xray
Bloods and blood gas
Leg xray
Pelvic xray and scan
Wound on my shoulder stitched

The whole time the doctor was explaining what was going on a reassuring me on a level appropriate to me.

I was out of A&E with 6hours yes that not within the governments targets but considering the amount of test run it seems fast turnaround especially considering what my mam has just had at a private hospital with less than a quarter of the number of patients.

Personally god forbid anything like that happens again I’d much rather be treat in an NHS hospital.

The service provided by the ambulance service was also great and much better than I experianced when taken by private ambulance with an asthma attack as mentioned above. Again this was to the same private hospital as treat my mam this week.

Yet unlike the rubbish Medic999 and RandomReality have to put up with the private guys only get private patients and are unlikely to ever deal with drunks or be assualted.

My whole experiance has really made me realise how much we as a population dont appriciate what the NHS offers us.

Applying for halls sucks - Pay peanuts get monkeys

Argh last year in halls I had a bit of a nightmare with one of my flat mates so decided to not live there again. However I eventually managed to move halls and meet some great flat mates who this year are once again living in halls and ive decided to join them.

Now I missed the deadline due to what was going on so wont be placed until October which I don’t mind however im getting no where, the uni operate a system where by when you send your application you get a confirmation email which I never got I applied back in july and ever since have been attempting to get the uni to confirm my application.

8 emails the same as below later

Dear sirs
Due to the circumstance last year I missed the deadline for applying for halls for the academin year 2009/2010, as a returning student I am aware I will not be placed until October.

However I never received the automated confirmation email when I applied I am enquiring if you have received my application?

Thanks for you attention inregards to this matter.

Now their reply

I am really sorry but returning student will not be allocated until October may I suggest a private landlord.

How in the world does that answer the question above. Ive also rang them to be told the same and whenever I ask if they got my application they just say returning student wont be allocated until October without even taking a name to check if they have my application.

Pay peanuts get monkeys

More health care related post when I carm down in an hour or so!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Public space, public librarys - should they exist

Just a little cartoon i found on Digg.com


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Why I hate summer - plan for the week.

Being away from uni means a lot of my friends are up and down the country making for a boring summer oh well their back in the next few weeks. For a lot of student the summer is a chance to catch up with old friends however it rather boring for me due to my ex stealing a lot of our shared friends oh well. It not that I don’t have friends at home rather they don’t do the traditional going out on a night etc. below is my plan for the next week,

Monday – St Johns
Tuesday – Taekwondo
Wednessday – Taekwondo
Thursday – Free day no doubt wont turn into that as my mam will be out of hospital after her foot operation.
Friday – Hospital with the step gran then taekwondo on the night
Saturday – Pattern training, parents shift BBQ on the night
Sunday –Senior grade training

I really fancy going out and getting to know some lads again now miss having a boyfriend.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Dissertation/biomed project

Help me plan it guys. I know im only going into 2nd year but want to start this early. Im applying for graduate entry medicine so need a really good mark ha there’s for wishful thinking.

My interest in medicine is prehospital care and the role of a doctor in this tho I doubt I can make a biomed project relevant to this.

Any suggestions please I don’t want to end up doing it on some little gene or something stuck in a molecular bio lab i.e my least favourite module. Hence the early planning.


Oh yeah im doing this at stupid oclock as my mam has the heating on that high everyone else in the house is frying so awake while she sleeps like a baby. Wish i could make you guys a fly on the wall it would make ideal reality TV

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Long update

Sorry for the delay in an update but im ill with shingles lol it sucks. Right where to start.

St Johns

Second meeting went well how can I put this incredibly bad. Managed to fumble my way through CPR and went as red as a tomato, god what must they think of me embarrassing with a capital E.


Slowly getting to black belt standard just over 3 months to go and starting to luck forward to it hopefully ill be buying one of these soon.


Also on my taekwondo shopping list

-Shin guards the class I go to is being taken over by woman and I feel like im not in proper kit without them. Being the highest grade female i feel like i should set an example. Tho I’d rather be more male and do without

-Boxing gloves same as above tho I did stop wearing the club ones half way through the lesson like the lads.

On another note what is it with white belts arghh I told the new starter to stop punching before the command seems reasonable as thats what is expected of the senior grades aswell. So what did she do punch so soft trying to make me look soft. I was so tempted to go full force on her in sparring to make a point but managed not to. Thankfully my instructor realised what was going on and didn’t look down on me for it.


Still haven’t heard back from the accommodation office so don’t know if ill be living in halls or at home next year. Hope to god it halls I love my mam to bits, but she starting to drive me nuts now. She just so tidy and organised it ridiculous, im sure she has OCD. If not I may start looking for a house share.


Went to my stepgrans hospital appointment with her I might aswell walk around with Gradmed applicant on my forehead, she told everyone we meet bless her. Tho I did managed to get some shadowing organised out of it. Yey!!!!!

That’s all for now back to volunteering next week when my scabs have healed.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Becoming a veggy

Today is the day ive done what ive wanted to do for a long while now im no longer going to eat meat ever! Ive been watching Fast food junkies on 4OD watching the yak being slaughtered was the final straw enough is enough, every time I look at meat now all I can see is the little chicken running around or the cow smiling back at me.


Sunday, 16 August 2009

If youve got a ka join


Bloody chavs

My dad’s a cop and last night went out to a chav house unfortuanly he brought back a few little visitors, more commonly known as flees on his uniform. Needles to say im not happy about being bitten to hell and mams even less happy about having to have the games room fumigated from now on he will be getting changed at work!

Been stationary shopping today, so that one section on my list crossed off just a few more to go. Also picked up a 1st aid manual so going to have a little preread for tomorrow.


EDIT: They arent bites on my side its bloody shingles. I was ment to be starting my job as a HCA on tuesday bollocks. Apparently ive most likely got it as a result of swine flu or the shock of the accident. Not happy ive just got back to my normal self and now im stuck in the house again well they say bad things run in threes.

I once again dont feel ill with a contagous infection but it means i cant leave the house again arghhhh. I was going to the metro tomorrow, if it wasnt for the fact that im not selfish and know what it can do to immunecompromised people i would go anyway.

Going to ring the St Johns people and ask if they are happy for me to come down if i put a dressing on the rash. Ill be goint to taekwondo training anyway, my instructor already warned me its not a reason not to train with the comp coming up so atleast i wont be to bored.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

What to take to univerisity

Alot of the list around seem excessive or not enough so im going to post my actual packing list for 2nd year. Yes im starting early but dont fancy running around like a headless chicken at the last minute again


• Passport Photos Passport
• Driving Licence
• National Insurance Number
• NHS Medical Card
• Details of your vaccination history
• Insurance Documents
• TV Licence (Not needed if you plan to use your TV only for watching DVDs/Playing Games etc.)
• Support Notification
• Any Information from your LEA, the SLC (Student Loans Company) or Student Finance Direct
• Your Unconditional Offer from the University
• Any Documents regarding your Accommodation
• Cheque Book
• Paying-In Book
• Bank or Building Society Details
• Travel Discount Cards (16-25 Railcard etc)
• CV & References
• CRB Check - Applicants copy (if required by your course)


• Reading List
• Academic Diary / Wall Planner / Calendar
• Dictionary
• Thesaurus
• GCSE and A-Level results/certificates. (Some Universities use these during your induction)

Stationery and Educational Equipment

• Notice or Message Board – check as usually provided by the university
• Lined Paper
• Printing Paper
• Jotter Pad – saves carrying files of paper to lectures
• Pens
• Pencils
• Highlighters
• Permanent All-Surface Markers (useful for marking what's yours!)
• White Tack or Blu Tack
• Scissors
• Sellotape
• Hole Puncher
• Stapler
• Post-it Notes or Flag Markers
• Pins for sticking things to any cork boards provided
• Ruler(s)
• A4 Ring Binders or Lever Arch Folders
• Paper or Plastic Wallets
• Envelopes & Stamps
• Rubbers
• Sharpener
• Calculator (especially if you're doing maths or maths :P) + spare batteries

Electrical Appliances

• Extension leads
• Computer/Laptop & charger
o USB Pen drive
o CD-R/RW for creating hard back ups
o External Harddrive – usefull for backing stuff up but generally I just save it to the uni system over the internet and my harddrive.
• Printer – if you don’t have one already wait till you get there as it may be
cheaper to print in the library
• Alarm Clock
• Mobile Phone & charger
• Television (You will probably need to purchase a TV license).
• Digital Camera
• Batteries and charger
• MP3 Player/iPod (with charger and USB connector and headphones)
• Speakers and Connector
• Headphones
• DVD Player
• Digibox
• Games consoles
• Hair Dryer
• Hair Straighteners / Curling Tongs

Personal Items

• Nail Clippers
• Nail Scissors
• Tweezers
• Deodorant
• Hairbrush / Comb
• Razor
• Shaving Gel
• Cologne
• Body Lotion
• Body Spray
• Perfume
• Condoms/Femidoms
• Hair Dye
• Hair Products
• Jewellery Box
• Make-up
• Moisturiser
• Prescription Glasses/spare pair (and a copy of your prescription)
• Contacts & contacts solution
• Earplugs
• Brace/retainer & accessories
• Towels/Face Cloths/Sponges

First Aid Kit

• Prescription Medicines
• Contraception
• Multivitamins
• Painkillers
• Plasters
• Antiseptic Wipes
• Antiseptic Cream
• Blister Plasters
• Cold/Flu Remedy
• Throat Lozenges
• Pro-Plus
• Nytol
• Anti-allergy Tablets
• A Cold/Hot Pack
• Sanitary Towels/Tampons [For the females among us]


• Dressing Gown
• Pyjamas
• Slippers
• Flip-flops (for communal showers/summer & 'beach' parties)
• Swimwear
• Normal, casual clothing
• Formal wear
• Gym or Sporting Clothes
• School Tie (for the school discos you're BOUND to have!)
• A warm coat, gloves, scarf, hat and a brolly (so many students pack in sunny September and get caught out/cold when Autumn/Winter starts to bite)
• Fancy Dress Items [seriously]
• Clean underwear
• Smart clothing and smart shoes suitable for interviews for part-time jobs

Fancy Dress

Take any suitable tools and items that will come in useful for a costume. It's best to get them in advanced otherwise you may pay over the odds. Usual themes include
• Possibly clothes/ accessories for
• 80s night theme
• Beach/ Full moon party
• Cowboy night
• Emergency/999 theme
• School disco night
• Halloween/ Christmas/ Easter/ Valentines

Bathroom Items

• Hand Towels
• Bath Towels
• Wash Bag
• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Mouthwash
• Floss
• Soap
• Shower gel
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Razor/epilator/hair removing equipment
• Shaving cream
• Toilet roll
• Air freshener
• Anti-perspirant/deodorant.
• Dry Shampoo- or just tie it up

Bedroom Item

• Sheets
• Duvet
• Duvet/Quilt Cover
• Pillows
• Pillow Cases
• Mattress Protector – you don’t know what has happened on your mattress before you moved in
• Blanket

Other Stuff
• Cushions so that your bed is both a bed and a sofa
• Cuddly toys :)
• Sleeping Bag
• Take something to eat for your first night's meal, as it might be a bit hectic.

Kitchen Items

Check with your uni as appliances are normally provided but if they arent
• Kettle
• Toaster
• Toasted Sandwich Maker

• Small Casserole Dish
• Wok or Large Frying Pan (with lid)
• Large Saucepan (with lid)
• Small Saucepan (with lid)
• Flat Baking Tray (for Oven Chips!)
• Tin Opener
• Bottle Opener
• Corkscrew
• Vegetable Peeler
• Cheese Grater
• Wooden Spoons or Spatulas
• Masher
• Microwavable Bowl
• Measuring Jug
• Colander
• Whisk
• Chopping Knives
• Chopping Board
• Tupperware (plastic) tubs for storing left overs. Write something on the lids and the tubs to prevent them going missing
Other Kitchen Items
• Glasses (Wine Glasses, Shot Glasses, Pint Glasses, tumblers, high-ball)
o Cutlery (Knives, Forks, Spoons) Tip - Taking just 1 or 2 of everything will encourage you to wash them straight away
o Crockery (Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Cups)
• Oven Glove
• Tea Towels
• Baking Foil
• Cling Film
• Sandwich Bags
• Bin bags
• Kitchen Scissors
• A set of Scales or Balances

Laundry and Housekeeping Items

• Febreze
• Vanish
• Washing Powder
• Fabric Softener
• Laundry Bag
• Clothes Horse
• Coat hangers
• Washing up Liquid
• Washing up Sponge/Cloth
• Kitchen Towel
• Toilet Roll
• Cleaning Equipment

• Posters often a stand at the freshers’ fair
• Photos
• Postcards
• Rug
• Throw
• Cushions
• Beanbag
• Fairy lights/Disco Balls/Lava Lamps etc


• Loose Change (for washing machines)
• Extra Storage – Boxes, Shelves, Hanging pocket organizer etc
• Holdall or Weekend Bag
• Torch
• Pen Knife
• Safety Pins
• Small Sewing Kit
• Door Wedge
• Tissues
• Lip Balm/ Chap Stick
• Balls/ Frisbees
• Sports Equipment
• Bike – if you think you will use it
• Musical instrument- if you realistically play often be honest as they take up a lot of space in a small room
• Umbrella
• Tray
• Recipe Book
• Super glue - very useful for fixing things
• Store Cupboard Ingredients (Oil, Spices, Tin and Packet Food)
• Alcohol.
• Money!!
• Spare birthday cards, for when you forget

Friday, 14 August 2009

Temp job - More blood sweat and tea

Ive been temping at a local company for the last few weeks and it boring as hell. I basically answer the phone and make appointments yesterday i took 8 calls to day i took 6 calls in a 8hr shift. Needless to say i read alot todays book was


A brilliant book and better than the original id recommend everyone gives it a try. Tea then taekwondo for me after that its time for some reading ready for St Johns on monday.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

St john ambulance

Well I finally got through to them and joined St john ambulance this week, should be interesting. Now to do some back ground reading so i dont look like such an idiot next week

Saturday, 8 August 2009


OMG how much paper work for that HCA job, I don’t think they are going to happy with me tomorrow either…..my occupational health appointment has been made on the day of my aunty Chinese wedding so no way can I go….Balls.

Better post when ive got through all this lot….ie in a few hours.

Im also meant to be back at the hospital tomorrow to see how the muscle in my neck is healing need to ring them and see if they still want me as im still meant to be locked in the house!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Swine flu

Booo ive got swine flu feel like shit

Possible broken neck and very sore back – ouch

Today has not been my day to start the day I got stuck in the 9am rush hour on the A1 near Gateshead. For the non northern who might read this the A1 is down from 2 lanes north bound and 2 lanes south with a fixed central reservation to 2 lanes north and 1 lane south both on the north bound carriage way the speed limit is 40mph. So after an hour and half sat in that I got to Newcastle and dropped my car in to be fixed. Now my parents are on holiday so its only me and the brothers in the house hence I had asked my mate to follow me through and take me home.

So after coughing up £500 ouch it was home time we decided to avoid the A1 going back and instead dropped down some back country roads no prize to anyone that guess what happens next.

Que horse running across the road from some field my mate broke heavily next thing I know there a sharp jolt from the back and were spinning into a field (SCARY AS FUCK), eventually we come to rest trapped in the car a good 200m from the road in the middle of no where.

Now the medics on here might think im a bit of a drama queen but by god did my neck and back hurt now being a sensible person we had hit a few object and were locked in the car I decided it might be a good idea not to move and just wait. My mate was screaming her head off so I tried to keep her carm while we waited for help to arrive not very successfully I might add.

Anyway after what seemed like hours at the time an ambulance and the police arrive it only when the paramedic start talking to me I realise

My chest hurts and breathing kills like hell

My neck is really sore

The base of my back and pelvis feels like its done twenty round with Mick Tyson – that’s saying something coming from a fighter.

I think I sore the colour physically drain out of the poor paramedics face. What happened next is a little bit blurry, all I can really remember at this time is the guy placing a collar round my neck and a mask on my face (Medics this could have been pain killing gas or O2 I really don’t know any guess would be nice as im just one of these people that likes to remember everything that happened).

A big thanks go to the fire crew which manage to get us out of the car quickly
We were both transported by road to the local hospital after a barrage scans, Xrays and countless other test it was determined that luckily I hadn’t broken anything major was just rather bruised and have 2 fractured ribs which coupled with my asthma is why breathing hurts.

Ive been let home with a combination of painkillers antibiotics and inhalers. Now I hurt like hell and really wish my neck was still being kept still as moving it in the slightest really hurts. But well live my mate has a few bruises and a fractured wrist she also was allowed home earlier.

Now this isn’t the 1st time ive been immobilised in the last few years last time was after I came off a horse and landed on my head that time I was collard and boarded now this was a rather painful experience. This time I was removed in an inflatable body splint which was a lot less painful that the previous time eventho the bruising this time seems to be a lot worse. Id be interested to here medics views on this and why it isn’t used all the time.

Finally id like to say a big thank you to all the paramedics, police, fire crews nurse doctor etc that helped us to day and kept us both carm a time when we really needed it.

I really need to stop getting hurt ive been in an ambulance 4 time as patient and im only 18

Asthma attack
Horse Accident
Car accident
Taekwondo accident

I know your reading

This blogs had 77 hits today and 152 this week, i know your reading so hit me with some comments let me know what you think, what you would like to see. Anything really

Thanks guys

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Argh as much as I love uni they are so unorganised it is unreal. I original intended to live at home this year a 40minute commute from uni, however after being home around 2 months I realised why I moved out originally ie I love my mam but god is she hard to live with, the drive would also drive me mad and make nights out nearly impossible. So I applied for halls however they still haven’t got back to me. I hope I get in as my mates have got a house which I could have moved into if I had decided to do this sooner.

I can’t justify moving into a house with strangers so if I don’t get into halls ill be stucking living here fun!!!!

Oh yeah and to top my stress off I haven’t heard back from the hospital about training for my job yet

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Medicine men go wild

Interesting program. Two western medics go on a expedition to see what medicine is like in places like Africa really interesting and can be found at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/medicine-men-go-wild/4od#2923148

In the 1st episode I wont spoil it but he talks about the origins of HIV, really makes you think how did swine flu evolve.

Friday, 24 July 2009

a funny story

Just found this on newmediamedicine but it something I was told on work experiance once

One quite famous story (urban legend?) I am always told is how a man suffered a heart attack in the street and collapsed. A doctor happened to be passing and ran over to help. A crowd of people formed, as always does when somebody collapses. As the doctor is performing CPR, a man pushes through the crowd and shouts "STAND BACK, I AM A TRAINED FIRST AIDER!" and so the crowd parts.

He barges the doctor aside and starts enthusiastically pumping on this guys chest. The doctor calmly says into his ear "when you get to the part where you call for a doctor, I'm stood right here".


Well I got the job now just to wait for my training course. Its weired my last interview went really well but i didnt get the job, this one went really bad and i got the job.

Oh well better post after I make tea

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Voluntary work

Wow well that was a treat, I used to love volunteering at our other local hospital but after tonight I hate it. Ive never felt so in the way and even got wrong when one of the medics decided to quiz me on anatomy. Anyone that understand why the sister told me off when the ward was quite and all I was doing was folding paper and her (the medic) waiting for the lab to phone back id really like to know as this sister scares me.

Nothing else to report really so a quick summery more for my benefit come personnel statement writing time.

*Helped serve meals

Communication communication – Hmm where to start 2 patients who were changed to NBM were given meals as the doctor changed their meal plan during serving but the nurse failed to tell the HCA who was in charge of giving out meals.

*Folded 300 blank early warning charts

Pressure on the nursing staff is excessive these arrive unfolded from the photocopier for the HCA to fold and put into the trays on top of their other duties.

I was on the Acute admissions unit this week and although the ward was very busy I was left with nothing to do most of the time hopefully next week will be better.

Another HCA interview tomorrow it’s a for a bank job so fingers crossed tho I wouldn’t bet on me getting it, im shockingly bad at interviews.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Embarrising parents

AHHHHH how can parents be so embarrassing we have been home for all of 2days and already my mam has managed to embarrass me. I used to volunteer in the local hospital and know the A&E staff very well. My mam has just decided to show up there with a small abscess on her eye lid and I mean no bigger than the small spots we all get as teenagers. She went to see the GP before we went away and was told to take the antibiotics and allow it to burst itself as it so small so doing it this way will leave her with no scar / a much little scar than if they burst it. But no it hurts so she has to go kick up a fuss embarrassing me in front of people I start working with next week and the doctor who sits on admissions bored for my 1st choice uni.


I really feel for you guys who have to deal with idiots like her and my dad every day. I just hope that the staff realise I aint a drama queen like her.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Auntys wedding with a chinese twist

Right now for the proper post.- All pics are thumbs so click to enlarge

It was my aunty wedding last Saturday, until now I haven’t published this as it would make it to easy for people to work out who I am however after the recent press cases im going to revel so to speak who I am.

My real name is Vicky and im studying for a degree in Biomedical Science at Sunderland uni. Im from the north east but the middle of nowhere, ie a country lass born and bred.

Now before I upload the wedding photos I was adopted by my step dad who happens to be Chinese hence the lanterns cake style etc.

Anyway enjoy and this may be my last post for a few weeks as im off on holiday at 5am on Friday ie tomorrow.

The wedding cake

carmen wedding 004

Latterns – released for good luck this was rather dangerous and did result in some damage to the surrounding trees

carmen wedding 051

carmen wedding 050

carmen wedding 045

The hotel where the wedding was held

carmen wedding 048

It was truelly a great wedding which tastfully incorporated some traditional Chinese customs.