Sunday, 26 October 2008

catch up time

Time flies when you’re having fun. Last week we handed in our first assessed piece of work and we just finished the nervous system component of human physiology for first year eeek.

Had my first full weekend in the flat without going out on the night since I got here I suppose it’s starting to settle down into more normal life now.

Went to see the SAW 5 film the other week which was a distinct disappointment but still better than SAW 4.

Sent some emails about voluntary work and work experience at the hospital but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Two of my flat mates have spent the night watching saw 1 where as ive been working on writing up my notes since 6pm shame I picked such a heavy work load course but I do love it so I’m not complaining that much.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Uni life and work load

Got the guts to have the cartilage of my ear pierced which was painless at the time but resulted in a night of no sleep as I stupidly got the side I sleep on pierced whoops.

The work load at uni is slowly building up first assessed lab report is due in on Friday its weird going from having the mark scheme at AS and A2 to not knowing exactly what they want at degree level.

Got a lab group meeting tomorrow to try and put it all together into a report and I still haven’t finished the stats.

Other than that still enjoying the social life but getting sick of going out all the time.

Im also now the treasurer of taekwondo society.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Homesickness sucks tonight it really hit me how much I miss home spoke to my mam earlier on and now the only decent thing on tv is law and order.

Law and order is me and my mam show which I always watch with her on a night when she gets in for work and dad is on back turns.

As much as I love my course I wanna go home.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Week 1 is over eeek

It weired feeling that I’m into my second week of uni already, but things are going good. I think I now know how to follow our Human Physiology lectures which are interesting if hard to understand.

Had a few lab sessions aswell but they were mainly a revision of A2 level chemistry. The long summer between sixth form and uni isn’t really good as I seem to have forgotten 90% of the formulas I learnt in chemistry eek.

First taekwondo session at the uni club tonight looking forward to it but worried as well as the club I came from was really good and the one im going to is only starting this year.