Wednesday, 29 April 2009

HCA interview

Has my HCA job interview on Monday which was a disaster. I got totally lost and ended up being 15minutes late instead of a planned 30mins early. The interview went really well as well but being that late no way will I have got the job so its back to the application board boo.

The questions I got

Tell me a bit about yourself and why you want the job?

What is your impression of the **** centre (Mental health hospital)?

What is a therapy?

How would you deal with a patient that was shouting and adjitated?

There was two others which ill upload if I can remember them.

On another note I finally got round to seeing my GP who diagnosed me with exercised induced asthma so I need to adjust my training for the great north run. Its also only 3 weeks till the end of term scary stuff.

Im also still on the look out for work experiance if anyone has any suggestions

Sunday, 19 April 2009

101 things in 1001days challenge

My 101 things in 1001days challenge list can be found here( ) im open to suggestions to add to it.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Two posts in one day i must be bored

Well that interview has really motivated me to get on with sorting out the mountain of stuff I need to do ie write 2 lab reports and organise some work experience. So far ive written to somewhere in the region of 30 GP’s and got no where so today it was time to write to human resources at all the local hospitals and see where that leads.

Im in the process of starting the 101 things challenge as seen on the student doctor diarys I may post it up here when im done but not 100% sure well see.

Still getting random shortness of breath for silly reasons such as walking up the stairs or even after a sneezing fit which is starting to scare me. Got a GP appointment for Tuesday just wish it was sooner.

Any ideas on what questions ill get at my interview would be much appreciated it’s a bank job for the Forensic mental health service.

HCA interview

After sending off somewhere in the region of 60 job applications I have an interview a week on Monday for a bank HCA post whoot. Although its further away then I would have liked beggers cant be choosers now just to prepare.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Poorly again argh

Im poorly boo. When ever I exercise I get short of breath a lot quicker than most people and my chest feels like ive got a waisted belt round it which is out right annoying. However for the last week even walking up the stairs has made me breathless so its off the GPs for me.

Anyone want to bet on how likely he is to think im a hypochondriac.

Unlike what a lot of the public seem to do from reading medics blogs im going to be a good girl and not turn up at the out of hours, I think that would be taken it to far even tho my GP appointment is 5days away.

I also had to drop out of sparing in taekwondo tonight as I just couldn’t breath arghh no way on this planet am I going to get my black belt at this rate. Just to add insult to injury my hayfever playing up aswell.

Sorry for the winge

Friday, 10 April 2009

Friends are hard work

We all have our disagreements amongst groups of friend or the od friend who is hard to please. Well I think we as a group take the biscuit for the worst. Let me explain something and id be interested to see what anyone reading this thinks.

As part of our course we have to work in pairs to give two presentations for pharmacology both of which are a on a drug which you are told by the lecturer.

The first presentation was many weeks ago now and on the last week of term we were told to take the drug which relates to the same number as you had in the last presentation. The presentation are due 2 weeks after we go back from Easter break, as I mentioned in a previous post one of my friends is away for all of Easter and the last week of term.

She ask me to find out off her partner what she wanted her to do while she was away this is the text I got back

“*** its ****. I think I know what I want you to tell ***. Just tell her to get as much information as possible. Wasn’t expectin her to do anything during her time away but seeing that she ok with it let her get something done! She didn’t get much done for the last one when she was here, wonder what she going to get done while she in Pakistan. Actually tell her to get lots done LOL! Am lovin this! Just show her this text when she gets back cause I don’t trust your mouth sorry lol.

Bearing in mind the girl that’s away did most of the last presentation. Hmmmm why do girls have to be bitchs and make things so much harder I can see this turning into a huge cat fight when we all go back

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Quick update

Well im home for Easter and now I remember why I was glad to move out. Although I love my mam to bits her obsessive tidying does get annoying very quickly.

People always say it not what you know its who you know. After a quick mention to mam that I was struggerling to get any work experience a friend of hers from work is going to arrange something for me = results.

Ive got an assignment to write for pharmacology and cell biology. Other than that im free for the holidays, im taking my nana to the metro centre on Thursday and that it unfortuanly. Living in the country side has its advantages but it does get boring very quickly. Still applying for jobs but this recession means nothing much is going oh well.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

update from the libary

My laptop power charger has broken so unfortunanly I now don’t have a computer until I go home on Friday. As promised over a week ago below is the best shot from the MYKA meet I went to with , was a very fun day and defiantly worth the two hour drive down.


All my assignments are finally in until after the Easter break which is 3 weeks long whoot going to try and get some work experience sorted for over the summer but so far ive got no where.

My mates also in Pakistan and I can see the Easter break dragging wish I could stay here but also looking forward to spending some time with my family. On the job front I applied for 9 jobs and haven’t heard back from any of them.