Wednesday, 4 April 2012

March loves and hates

March loves and hates

This month has seen me buy so many new products it been really hard to pick out just a few things which I loved however the hates were oh so easy to pick.

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Realtechniques Stippling brush (£11.99 at boots) I’ve always been a fingers girl when it comes to foundation having tried countless brush from the likes of Mac, No7 and even models own who I normally swear by. The realtechniques brush leaves all the other in a cloud of dust, the hair is just so soft (unlike the models own brush) while the finish it creates is spotless a real complement considering how quick I apply my make up, I defiantly won’t be going back to finger any time soon.

Benefit ERASE paste (£19.50 from Debenhams) in the shade 2 medium - my trusty Mac studio finish was running low and I fancied trying something new having used the Mac one for over 4years. For those that don’t no the ERASE paste comes with a little spatula which I promptly through in the bin big mistake, unlike studio finish this concealer really benefits from being warmed on the hand then dabbed under the eye or any other area you would like to conceal, the formula is creamy and such a close match to my awkward skin tone I am genuinely amazed big thumbs up. Plus it even comes with instructions for those new to concealer

Maybelline the FALSIES volume express mascara (£7.99 boots)– I actually picked this up by mistake as im not normally a fan of Maybelline mascaras, this one has kinda changed my mind all the formula does create massive lashes (hence I love it) the brush is a bit of a pain to work with. Will I repurchase possibly but will defiantly be trying more of the brand – hence it well deserved place here

LYNX Attract for her (£3 boots)– My boyfriend picked this up for me and I’m glad he did as it not something I would normally even look at. The sent is really hard to describe it kinda of girly but not making it ideal for my more masculine sport of taekwondo..........I’ve actually been and bought 6 cans as it’s a limited edition. Will defiantly repurchase if they make it a long term product 

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The hates and I mean hates

Marks and Spencer’s Coconut body polish – I actually can’t remember when I bought this but started using it at the beginning of March and still haven’t managed to get rid of it. Although the sent is lovely it just not a strong enough exfoliator for me, the little bits of coconut shell are buried in the thick wash meaning you either have to use loads of it or accept it more of an all over wash or extremely gentle.

Avone Shine attract lipstick (£8.50)*in the shade P4 Happy Pink- Im really glad I didn’t pay for this lipstick the first time I used it I fell in love with the colour however after 1-2 uses the outer layer (clear) dries out making it almost impossible to get to the colour buried in the middle. Overall the most messy and frustrating lip product I have ever used 

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