Sunday, 31 August 2008

20 days to go

Just a quick update the uni people still haven’t got back to me so 20days before the start of term I don’t know where ill be living come the 20th September. Im ringing them tomorrow wish me look people.

Also tomorrow I need to clean 90% of the house before the parents get home. Then its my mates house party in the evening shame I will have to be home early as the dogs will be left on their own. I also wont be able to drink as will be driving. Marvellous.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Revision list

Being home alone is really weird but has made me realise just how bad a cook I am. Took me an hour to clean the kitchen after making pasta bake. Also the dogs had me up at 9.30am shock I normally don’t surface till 1pm.

Managed to get a list of all the maths we will be using next year which includes,

Descriptive statistics
Standard deviation
Standard error
Normal distribution
Z scores
Coefficients of variation
Confidence limits

This lot should be fun as I haven’t done maths since A2 in year 11.

Tomorrows plan is to write letters for work experience
Find names and address of hospitals and GPs in the city my unis in
Try and find a job in uni city
Start maths revision
Start my mountain of washing

Monday, 25 August 2008

Leeds festival 2008

Just a quick blog about my weekend adventure to Leeds festival which was eventful to say the least.



We had early entry so went down on Wednesday which was the biggest mistake ever after spending 4 hours in the queue to get in its started to rain just after we got through the gate into brown and had to walk to red.

Once the tent was up, the rain had stopped and car was emptied, we sat down and the rain started again within an hour it had rained so much the water was coming thought the side of the tent. The two girls decided enough was enough and went back to the car with the hope of finding a travel lodge sadly they were all fully booked so we were forced to sleep in the car.


After the flooded tent last night a trip to Tesco was in order to buy another tent however since Thursday is the day most people arrive it took 3 hours to get there and back but atleast we could relax once it was up and start and enjoy the festival.

In the end we saw loads of bands and it was a great weekend the rain mainly stayed away but the campsite was a mud bath.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Argh had a nice long lie-in after my birthday this week and results day. Finally starting to feel better about where im going and what im doing in regards to uni. As my accommodation for biomed will be self catered ive started to pick up kitchen stuff such as plates bowels etc seen as I had applied for catered at my first choice uni.

Still need


-cheese greater



-oven trays


-pasta bake tray

Also waiting for my book list off the universityso I can get some pre-reading done. Leeds festival on Wednesday after that it ill just be the long wait for university to start in September.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

its never over the route has just changed

Im a 18 year old female who has just royally screwed up her Alevels now doing biomedical sciences and hoping to chase graduate medicine. This will be my diary of the trials and tribulations along the way over the next three years and hopefully beyond into medicine.