Thursday, 30 July 2009


Argh as much as I love uni they are so unorganised it is unreal. I original intended to live at home this year a 40minute commute from uni, however after being home around 2 months I realised why I moved out originally ie I love my mam but god is she hard to live with, the drive would also drive me mad and make nights out nearly impossible. So I applied for halls however they still haven’t got back to me. I hope I get in as my mates have got a house which I could have moved into if I had decided to do this sooner.

I can’t justify moving into a house with strangers so if I don’t get into halls ill be stucking living here fun!!!!

Oh yeah and to top my stress off I haven’t heard back from the hospital about training for my job yet

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Medicine men go wild

Interesting program. Two western medics go on a expedition to see what medicine is like in places like Africa really interesting and can be found at

In the 1st episode I wont spoil it but he talks about the origins of HIV, really makes you think how did swine flu evolve.

Friday, 24 July 2009

a funny story

Just found this on newmediamedicine but it something I was told on work experiance once

One quite famous story (urban legend?) I am always told is how a man suffered a heart attack in the street and collapsed. A doctor happened to be passing and ran over to help. A crowd of people formed, as always does when somebody collapses. As the doctor is performing CPR, a man pushes through the crowd and shouts "STAND BACK, I AM A TRAINED FIRST AIDER!" and so the crowd parts.

He barges the doctor aside and starts enthusiastically pumping on this guys chest. The doctor calmly says into his ear "when you get to the part where you call for a doctor, I'm stood right here".


Well I got the job now just to wait for my training course. Its weired my last interview went really well but i didnt get the job, this one went really bad and i got the job.

Oh well better post after I make tea

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Voluntary work

Wow well that was a treat, I used to love volunteering at our other local hospital but after tonight I hate it. Ive never felt so in the way and even got wrong when one of the medics decided to quiz me on anatomy. Anyone that understand why the sister told me off when the ward was quite and all I was doing was folding paper and her (the medic) waiting for the lab to phone back id really like to know as this sister scares me.

Nothing else to report really so a quick summery more for my benefit come personnel statement writing time.

*Helped serve meals

Communication communication – Hmm where to start 2 patients who were changed to NBM were given meals as the doctor changed their meal plan during serving but the nurse failed to tell the HCA who was in charge of giving out meals.

*Folded 300 blank early warning charts

Pressure on the nursing staff is excessive these arrive unfolded from the photocopier for the HCA to fold and put into the trays on top of their other duties.

I was on the Acute admissions unit this week and although the ward was very busy I was left with nothing to do most of the time hopefully next week will be better.

Another HCA interview tomorrow it’s a for a bank job so fingers crossed tho I wouldn’t bet on me getting it, im shockingly bad at interviews.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Embarrising parents

AHHHHH how can parents be so embarrassing we have been home for all of 2days and already my mam has managed to embarrass me. I used to volunteer in the local hospital and know the A&E staff very well. My mam has just decided to show up there with a small abscess on her eye lid and I mean no bigger than the small spots we all get as teenagers. She went to see the GP before we went away and was told to take the antibiotics and allow it to burst itself as it so small so doing it this way will leave her with no scar / a much little scar than if they burst it. But no it hurts so she has to go kick up a fuss embarrassing me in front of people I start working with next week and the doctor who sits on admissions bored for my 1st choice uni.


I really feel for you guys who have to deal with idiots like her and my dad every day. I just hope that the staff realise I aint a drama queen like her.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Auntys wedding with a chinese twist

Right now for the proper post.- All pics are thumbs so click to enlarge

It was my aunty wedding last Saturday, until now I haven’t published this as it would make it to easy for people to work out who I am however after the recent press cases im going to revel so to speak who I am.

My real name is Vicky and im studying for a degree in Biomedical Science at Sunderland uni. Im from the north east but the middle of nowhere, ie a country lass born and bred.

Now before I upload the wedding photos I was adopted by my step dad who happens to be Chinese hence the lanterns cake style etc.

Anyway enjoy and this may be my last post for a few weeks as im off on holiday at 5am on Friday ie tomorrow.

The wedding cake

carmen wedding 004

Latterns – released for good luck this was rather dangerous and did result in some damage to the surrounding trees

carmen wedding 051

carmen wedding 050

carmen wedding 045

The hotel where the wedding was held

carmen wedding 048

It was truelly a great wedding which tastfully incorporated some traditional Chinese customs.

Exam results

I am on writting a proper post but after a 3hour sport taekwondo lesson i need a shower first, however before that i just need to share

I got a 1st in my 1st year at uni whooooooooooooooooooooot