Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Revision list

Being home alone is really weird but has made me realise just how bad a cook I am. Took me an hour to clean the kitchen after making pasta bake. Also the dogs had me up at 9.30am shock I normally don’t surface till 1pm.

Managed to get a list of all the maths we will be using next year which includes,

Descriptive statistics
Standard deviation
Standard error
Normal distribution
Z scores
Coefficients of variation
Confidence limits

This lot should be fun as I haven’t done maths since A2 in year 11.

Tomorrows plan is to write letters for work experience
Find names and address of hospitals and GPs in the city my unis in
Try and find a job in uni city
Start maths revision
Start my mountain of washing

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Emma said...

Agh all that sounds terifying to me... and I'm doing a bloody Maths degree this year!