Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fresher and first proper day at uni

Well freshers week 1 is over and ive had my first lecture.

Overall fresher was good but my uni didn’t really offer anything other than going out getting drunk which was fun for the first few days but got old pretty quickly going to try and get on the fresher board for next year and help change that.

In the spirt of fresher I have so far

Dressed in neon for a roller disco

White for a UV part

Naughty school girl

Fresher t-shirt for a foam party

Still have a commando party to go but don’t think im dressing up for that one

First lecture was a weird experience spent an hour on homeostasis which I still don’t understand so will be spending my first day off reading about. Luckily no one I have spoke to understood it either.

Below is a pic of my new room. Im generally loving uni but missing my dogs.


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