Sunday, 26 October 2008

catch up time

Time flies when you’re having fun. Last week we handed in our first assessed piece of work and we just finished the nervous system component of human physiology for first year eeek.

Had my first full weekend in the flat without going out on the night since I got here I suppose it’s starting to settle down into more normal life now.

Went to see the SAW 5 film the other week which was a distinct disappointment but still better than SAW 4.

Sent some emails about voluntary work and work experience at the hospital but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Two of my flat mates have spent the night watching saw 1 where as ive been working on writing up my notes since 6pm shame I picked such a heavy work load course but I do love it so I’m not complaining that much.

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Tofu said...

hi there,

saw a link to your blog on tsr, so thought i should come and take a nosey. Good luck with your journey to med school.. we'll all get there eventually!!