Thursday, 11 June 2009

old people - ignorance

Id just like to make it clear I normally offer my seat to old people and will hold doors etc open for them but this today has really got my back up. How rude can old people be they think that the world owes them something and that we should always consider them in everything we do.

My car is in the garage today so I got the bus to my work experience placement. It’s an hour’s drive away so around 2hrs on the bus which meant I left the house a 6am this morning.

Being the lazy person I am I had a shirt and black trousers on with my Leeds festival hoody pulled over the top. As the bus gets near to the hospital more and more patients going in for out patients appointments get on to the point that once you reach the hospital the bus nearly empties.

I was sat at the back in the corner as the bus filled it got to the point that the only free seat was next to me, this old lady gets on and walks to the back towards the seat however she then proceeds to stand tutting for the rest of the journey at the time I didn’t think anything of it and got off at the hospital.

An hour or so later im sat in observing the consultant and in walks the old lady off the bus. The look on her face was priceless and I though shed leave it at giving me a hacky look how wrong was I.

This little old lady proceeds to tell the consultant that I looked so threatening on the bus in my hoody and could have had a gun under it for all she knew. She then said to me was I aware hoodies are illegal now and that as student I should have more respect for the elderly and should have offered her my seat (Remember the seat next to me was empty).

Luckily the consultant calmly said to her that it wasn’t up to him what I chose to wear on my way into the hospital and that he frequently wore rock band Hoodies on weekends so did that make him threatening. He then asked me to step outside for that consultation.

The conversation when I came back in was priceless. Hopefully ill get my car back tonight or I have the same trip to make tomorrow. Which hoody do you think I should wear




Pink Gap


You get the picture best bit is I look nothing like a chav or a goth

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David said...

You could try the blood stained one.