Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Volunteering screw up whooops

Short post as i really have way to much work to the point its not even funny. Im a meet & greet volunteer at one of the local hospital. Now imagine this lady around 30-40(im crap at ages) walks into outpatients saying she needs to go to a ward on the opposite side of the hospital to visit someone. This is a rather large hospital and the wards around 10minutes walk away.

I got asked to show her the way up no problem however the lifts where really busy so i took her up in one of the lifts in the middle of the hospital that visitor or patients can use but rearly do hence these lifts are often used by porters to take bodies from the wards to the mortuary. Lift came and i jumped in the woman following me, on autopilot so didn’t even think to look at the trolley the porter had in the lift.

Next thing i know the woman is asking the porter why that trolley looks funny then realises that it contained a body que the OMG OMG freaks out on behalf of the woman in a lift that isn’t going to stop till it goes up 5 floors. Major face palm.

More to come once I get this stats work done by midnight.


Grumpy Biomed said...

Ouch. Still, you live and you learn, I wouldn't beat yourself up about it...I'm sure you can see the funny side :P

medic999 said...


But still amusing all the same. After all though, how were you to know.


brokenangel said...

Haha yeah everyone had a good laugh about it. Definatly a live & learn moment