Friday, 12 March 2010


So short blog as im meant to be doing work (It's 9am & my group has me in the library :shock:).

The new car is going great had the top down loads but sighs the typical British weather has put a stop to that now. Im over halfway through my degree and it feels great in some ways and bad in others. My course can be done as a sandwitch degree taking a year out to gain compintance as a biomedical scientist this is done between 2nd and 3rd year ie next year. Now i have no intention of doing a placement however one of our group of friends is ill be sad to see him go as hes not only a great group member but a close friend!!

Work wise the biggest pain in my arse is corrently a portfolio worth 75% of a module that i have minimum evidence for arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Been out on a few duties with St John's really need to work on my confidence i still hate treating patients!

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