Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New tattoo


Handed my final piece of 2nd year work in today which is a huge relief, only a slight bit of revision to do then its full steam ahead with the medicine application.

*Finish personnal statement
*Revise for UKCAT - possibly doing a course
*Course on how to perform at interview

Judo duty with SJA on Sunday, so far only had to treat two people hopefully Judo will be the same.


ilovehotchocolate said...

Hi. Not sure about medical interview courses - quite expensive I thought, but I found this book incredibely helpful - it became my bible when I was gearing up for interviews. It's got really good advice on structuring answers, good ideas for what to put in answers and general tips on interview technique.
Good luck!

ilovehotchocolate said...

Ooo, forgot to say, the careers department at your uni should have a medic specialist that will be able to give you mock interviews and help with your application in general. They don't normally start shouting about themseleves until 2nd/3rd year so go seek them out.

brokenangel said...

Hahahaha dies laughing my uni doesnt even no how to handle a UCAS application.