Thursday, 21 July 2011


Been revising for UKCAT resently and finding it much easier this year finally.

Thought i would post my final application schools :( as after this year im giving up trying atleast for a few years.

BM4 Newcastle - gotta keep dreaming
BM4 - Warwick
BM4 - southampton
4th choice no idea maybe BM5 Newcastle if I can afford it

All depending on UKCAT of course


DoctorFaye said...

Just something to think about: last year the Barts GEP cut-off was around 660ish and for the 5-year it was 630ish. Not sure about for GEP but I know for the 5-year course they interview everyone who gets above the cut-off and then give offers to about 90% of interviewees (basically they just interview to find the idiots!). I'm not saying this to big up Barts, I just thought you should know it's relatively easy (compared to everywhere else!) to get on their 5-year course :)
Good luck!

brokenangel said...

hey faye

Yeah the UKCAT cut offs seem to have gone down now (wish i had applied instead of going on placement.

5Year isnt really affordable so it might have to be another 4yr and im limited due to shit alevels