Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nailene Calcium Gel nails

Hey guys Im going to attempt to review they nailene calcium Gel tip kit which you can get at superdrug for £8.09 


This is a simple at home kit for acrylic French nail tips something that normally costs £25 a set at the salon. 


In the kit you get 40 tips, 20 in bright white French manicure and 20 in a clearer tip. These are attached to a backbone with the typical thin plastic which you twist. They do end up with a little bit of plastic attached to the top that is easily filed off with the boards provided. The tips are really thin which is great at preventing a bump in the nail once they are one. The tips do come in a variety of size however for my big fingers they weren’t the greatest fit.

You also get a gel overlay in a nail varnish type bottle that you use both to attach the nails and form the acrylic layer. Personally I used nail glue to attach the tips after 20minutes playing with the overlay and ending up with them falling back off. 

After applying the gel overlay you drop on 1-2 drops of the gel activator using the little dropper provided this then quickly set to form the hard layer. It recommend you apply a few layer of this mixture I personally used 3 which is enough to build it up to a smooth layer. 

Allow to dry and file to desired shape.

Review – the finish is ok tho ill report on that a little better when I’ve had a few attempts as my second hand does appear better than my first. Personally id have liked to have seen a bottle of nail glue in the kit to attach the nail tips which would have made the kit easier to apply than with the gel overlay which I just couldn’t do. 


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