Saturday, 7 February 2009

Catch up part 2

I really don’t haven’t updated this in ages, but im going to attempt to turn over a new leaf. On the uni front ive passed all my first term modules granted one with not the mark I really wanted, but have started the new modules with an idea on how to get the grades I want.

Not really enjoying halls anymore and wish id just lived at home, me and one of my flat mates are poler opposites with totally different values and always seem to be arguing of late. Next year will def be living with the parents but not sure if that’s worse hmm well see in time.

Managed to move a little bit further forwards with the voluntary work but still not started. CRB check say that your address is your halls of residence, which is fair enough. But as I don’t live their permanently, I haven’t changed any of my bank statements bills etc to that address so don’t have any evidence to send to them which is proving a bit of a nightmare. Organising work experience is proving even more difficult recently sent 30 letters to GP’s so far have heard back from two both of which wont take me. ANY SUGGESTIONS IN COMMENTS PLEASEEEEEE

Im currently at home for the weekend after being at senior grade training for taekwondo. The snow here is way more than at uni, so been out to have some fun. Living on the coast means we had some on Monday and that’s been about it.

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Tofu said...

how about part time work as a hca in a hospital or at a care home? both will allow u to gain experience in the caring side of things, and in a hospital environment u get to follow all the ward rounds and get to learn a LOT about different diseases and the role of different healthcare professionals. Im currently working as a HCA and it has definately been a good topic at interviews. Plus as a HCA not only do you get to observe the work of doctors but u get to help the patients with day to day things to, so it really is a good way of gaining valuable work and care exp!!

Good luck!