Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Waxing my car counts as revision right.......i hate this course at times, tho i think i can now name every anti-biotic known to man arghhhhhhh

Modules for second year biomed if anyone interested
*Pathophysiology and therapeutics 1 - exam thursday (20th May)
*Pathophysiology and therapeutics 2 - exam done
*Analytical Biochemistry - 25th May
*Microbiology and molecular biology - Exam 4th June
*Proffessional Practice - No exam thank god
*Disease Process - exam done

I need to pick 3rd year modules prity soon and sort out a final year dissertation so will post about that once the hell of revision is over


Mr Lonely said...

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Internal Optimist said...

Damn, I still have to learn all those antibiotics. If you have any useful mnemonics/methods please pass them on!