Monday, 3 May 2010

Choices for medicine 2011

*Newcastle GEM
*Newcastle 5 year
*Durham 5 year
*Warwick GEM

Yes its a big big gamble but family circumstance mean i really want to stay close to home, which ive realised more than anything over the last few weeks. So thats it thats where ill be applying

*Personnal statement is nearly finished
*1 Month of revising for second year exams then its UKCAT revision until August when i intend to take the test
*Work experiance is finished
*St Johns is on going


Grumpy Biomed said...

Nice one, I too am also applying to two GEPs and two 5 years...I would kill for either though :P

ChezziePoop said...

Good luck with the application! :D

Chris said...

I hate to put anyone off doing work but UKCAT really needs minimal work. Its not the kind of exam where revising will do you any good, all I did was a few practice questions and even they didn't really make much difference. If I had to do it again I still wouldn't do any more work for it. Just go in and trust your abilities, its absolutely nothing to get into a fuss about :)