Sunday, 22 August 2010

1 month till application

With only a month to go until i send my application (& start final year ) i thought a quick update was in order apologies for this not flowing.

Dissertation currently consists of 20+ journal articles that i need to read, and a rough plan of what I intend doing.

UKCAT revision is going good hopefully should be hitting the 700+ bracket and getting a GEM offer......who am I kidding!

Durham open day for medicine is in a few weeks so ill no doubt be doing a blog about that just need to find out where I’m meant to be going 1st as although I’m from very near the medical school I actually have no idea where it is!

Work experience is finally 100% written up so I can read over it before any interview if I manage to get them.

That’s all for now

Good luck to everyone else who is also preparing their applications

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