Monday, 16 February 2009

Cars, timetables and student finance

I often whinge about how much work I have to do, so thought it might be a good idea to publish my timetable. Will also give anyone who is thinking of studying biomedical sciences an idea of the hours required.

Monday- morning of lectures

9-11 Fundamentals of pharmacology

12-1 Fundamentals of pharmacology

Afternoon off currently trying to organise work experience in this gap

Tuesday- a good mixture of labs and lectures

9-12 Fundamentals of pharmacology LAB

12-1 Cell biology

2-4 Cell biology

Wednesday- quite day with lab fun

Morning off again trying to get work experience or a job organised for here

2-5 Cell biology lab

Thursday - a day of lectures

9-11 Molecular biology and micro biology

12-1 Molecular biology and micro biology

3-4 Fundamentals of pharmacology

Friday- Physically hard day on my feet for 6 hours minimum.

9-12 Molecular biology and microbiology


2-5 Laboratory skills

I’m now 100% skint, the car died again today and look like its going to cost me a new alternator.

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