Saturday, 14 February 2009

The biggest down side to uni

I’m ill once again although the living in halls experience is a great side to university it does have a major pitfall. I have once again got cold the second time in as many months, once the virus hits it not a case of if you get the cold its when you will get it, living in such small quarters makes it inevitable. Sighs and sniffles. Seen as I feel rotten and had taekwondo on Friday, ive gone home for the weekend to a surprise of alot more snow than back at uni whoooot fun time.

Microbiology is so far my favourite unit, below is a pic of the what we’ve spent the best part of 6 hours of lab time doing. WASH YOUR HANDS PEOPLE


The medics snow man. The halls I live in has a block dedicated to Newcastle medical students who are on placement, below is a snow man we ended up messing on building with them.


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