Saturday, 18 July 2009

Embarrising parents

AHHHHH how can parents be so embarrassing we have been home for all of 2days and already my mam has managed to embarrass me. I used to volunteer in the local hospital and know the A&E staff very well. My mam has just decided to show up there with a small abscess on her eye lid and I mean no bigger than the small spots we all get as teenagers. She went to see the GP before we went away and was told to take the antibiotics and allow it to burst itself as it so small so doing it this way will leave her with no scar / a much little scar than if they burst it. But no it hurts so she has to go kick up a fuss embarrassing me in front of people I start working with next week and the doctor who sits on admissions bored for my 1st choice uni.


I really feel for you guys who have to deal with idiots like her and my dad every day. I just hope that the staff realise I aint a drama queen like her.

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