Thursday, 23 July 2009

Voluntary work

Wow well that was a treat, I used to love volunteering at our other local hospital but after tonight I hate it. Ive never felt so in the way and even got wrong when one of the medics decided to quiz me on anatomy. Anyone that understand why the sister told me off when the ward was quite and all I was doing was folding paper and her (the medic) waiting for the lab to phone back id really like to know as this sister scares me.

Nothing else to report really so a quick summery more for my benefit come personnel statement writing time.

*Helped serve meals

Communication communication – Hmm where to start 2 patients who were changed to NBM were given meals as the doctor changed their meal plan during serving but the nurse failed to tell the HCA who was in charge of giving out meals.

*Folded 300 blank early warning charts

Pressure on the nursing staff is excessive these arrive unfolded from the photocopier for the HCA to fold and put into the trays on top of their other duties.

I was on the Acute admissions unit this week and although the ward was very busy I was left with nothing to do most of the time hopefully next week will be better.

Another HCA interview tomorrow it’s a for a bank job so fingers crossed tho I wouldn’t bet on me getting it, im shockingly bad at interviews.

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