Friday, 10 April 2009

Friends are hard work

We all have our disagreements amongst groups of friend or the od friend who is hard to please. Well I think we as a group take the biscuit for the worst. Let me explain something and id be interested to see what anyone reading this thinks.

As part of our course we have to work in pairs to give two presentations for pharmacology both of which are a on a drug which you are told by the lecturer.

The first presentation was many weeks ago now and on the last week of term we were told to take the drug which relates to the same number as you had in the last presentation. The presentation are due 2 weeks after we go back from Easter break, as I mentioned in a previous post one of my friends is away for all of Easter and the last week of term.

She ask me to find out off her partner what she wanted her to do while she was away this is the text I got back

“*** its ****. I think I know what I want you to tell ***. Just tell her to get as much information as possible. Wasn’t expectin her to do anything during her time away but seeing that she ok with it let her get something done! She didn’t get much done for the last one when she was here, wonder what she going to get done while she in Pakistan. Actually tell her to get lots done LOL! Am lovin this! Just show her this text when she gets back cause I don’t trust your mouth sorry lol.

Bearing in mind the girl that’s away did most of the last presentation. Hmmmm why do girls have to be bitchs and make things so much harder I can see this turning into a huge cat fight when we all go back

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Lil' girl doc said...

wait, so she made the girl who was away do most of the presentation instead of splitting up the workload? that's bad. btw, thanks for the encouragement to look on the bright side. i do notice that i eat healthier lunches now :)