Saturday, 18 April 2009

Two posts in one day i must be bored

Well that interview has really motivated me to get on with sorting out the mountain of stuff I need to do ie write 2 lab reports and organise some work experience. So far ive written to somewhere in the region of 30 GP’s and got no where so today it was time to write to human resources at all the local hospitals and see where that leads.

Im in the process of starting the 101 things challenge as seen on the student doctor diarys I may post it up here when im done but not 100% sure well see.

Still getting random shortness of breath for silly reasons such as walking up the stairs or even after a sneezing fit which is starting to scare me. Got a GP appointment for Tuesday just wish it was sooner.

Any ideas on what questions ill get at my interview would be much appreciated it’s a bank job for the Forensic mental health service.

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Lily said...

Hmmmm, yes 101 things... I really should look at that again! Thankyou for reminding me!!