Wednesday, 29 April 2009

HCA interview

Has my HCA job interview on Monday which was a disaster. I got totally lost and ended up being 15minutes late instead of a planned 30mins early. The interview went really well as well but being that late no way will I have got the job so its back to the application board boo.

The questions I got

Tell me a bit about yourself and why you want the job?

What is your impression of the **** centre (Mental health hospital)?

What is a therapy?

How would you deal with a patient that was shouting and adjitated?

There was two others which ill upload if I can remember them.

On another note I finally got round to seeing my GP who diagnosed me with exercised induced asthma so I need to adjust my training for the great north run. Its also only 3 weeks till the end of term scary stuff.

Im also still on the look out for work experiance if anyone has any suggestions

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Lily said...

You never know, they may overlook the time thing and if not it's good practice for future interviews.