Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Poorly again argh

Im poorly boo. When ever I exercise I get short of breath a lot quicker than most people and my chest feels like ive got a waisted belt round it which is out right annoying. However for the last week even walking up the stairs has made me breathless so its off the GPs for me.

Anyone want to bet on how likely he is to think im a hypochondriac.

Unlike what a lot of the public seem to do from reading medics blogs im going to be a good girl and not turn up at the out of hours, I think that would be taken it to far even tho my GP appointment is 5days away.

I also had to drop out of sparing in taekwondo tonight as I just couldn’t breath arghh no way on this planet am I going to get my black belt at this rate. Just to add insult to injury my hayfever playing up aswell.

Sorry for the winge

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