Sunday, 3 May 2009

Domestic violence and whos the daddy

As a way of distracting myself from the dread assignments I started watching Kimberly young mum ten years on on 4OD and it made me think about what went on in my past.

Ive grown up with my mam and step dad but been forced by a court order to see my real dad. He was violent and regularly assaulted my mam and me, even all these years later I still find it hard to trust men.

People have pointed out that I generally go for Asian/coloured guys and don’t generally fall for white guys. I wonder if this stem from the fact that my step dad is Chinese and I trust him and love him, where as my real dad is white and when ever I see him all I associate him with is the violence in my past.

Recently ive found out that the male that contributed 23 chromosomes forged my signature on company documents leaving me liable for his company. In my eyes my real dad is the person which has brought me up where as my biological father is purely a sperm donor.

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