Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Self defence part 2

Wow didn’t realise anyone actually read this blog so part 2. Sorry for the delay.

The guy decided it might be a good idea to grab my wrist, (for the non-martial artist this is the simplest grab to get out of and something we teach lower grades), split second thing I went for one of the first things I was taught purely on reflex and twisted out of it.

In the process I slipped my hand around his wrist bending his hand backwards placing my thumb into the pressure point on the back of his hand. As anyone who does a martial art will know this hurts like hell and your reflex is to bend over.

I then proceed to walk the guy down the stairs and hand him over the door staff.

Me:This ***** has just attacked me (while shoving him into the bouncers hand)

Bouncer: Looks shocked at the little 5’1 whiny girl shoving this guy at him.

I the turned and walked carmly back into the club to drag the rest of my mates away from his.

I don’t know why I reacted like this and it was purely reflex looking back now it wasn’t the brightest idea and the way I had him did leave me open to attack but luckily it worked.

Thanks guys for your concern Medic999 although that was very tempting I don’t think my instructor would have looked favourably on it or the police for that matter. You can also most likely fill in the blank of what I called the guy above typical geordie.

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