Saturday, 9 May 2009

Martial arts

To all you girls out there seriously take up a martial art or self defence class. Ive trained in taekwondo for a number of years now and have always seen the self defence we are taught as a bit boring and never thought I would use it.

How wrong I was.

At 10pm I got convinced into hitting town with some of the girls from my old flat so after a quick change it was off into town and straight into the club seen as it was already 1am. The RnB room of this club is upstair and is like a club in its own right. After getting ripped off at the bar £3 for a VK shock its Newcastle prices all over the region now. We decided to have a shot at dancing (cringes) that’s where the problem started, this group of men of African decent just wouldn’t leave us alone and could barely speak English. I thought nothing of it and wondered off to the toilet, one of the guys followed me and tried to drag me into the mens toilets.

I never thought I would ever use any of my taekwondo outside of the doujang, but was quickly proven wrong when he just wont let go of me.

More detailed post in the morning when I carm down and I apologise for any mistakes in this post if it just doesn’t make sense right now.


Lil' girl doc said...

can't wait for the next're making me want to take up some form of self-defense.

Gillian said...

Wow, Hope you're ok. That would terrify me! I train in shotokan karate, but I've never had to use any of it, I hope I don't.

Anonymous said...

Glad you managed to get out of that situation!
I'm hoping the next part tells us all how you gave him a good kicking, or a least a swift blow to his groin!

brokenangel said...

Thanks guys just realised i can reply in here.