Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Uni exams arent that bad

Im once again laptop less and as im sat typing this in the university library I echo what other bloggers have said the university love to have the air con set to a temperature where it is warm in a fridge than in here.

Exams are going well and have not been as hard as expected. I have microbiology tomorrow which could change this however im hopefully that I have passed this year with a decent grade and not just the 40% needed.

Luckily this year doesn’t count so the real hard work begins next year. I will have officially finished 1st year a week today its strange looking back in August last year when I got my exam results I never imagined id be sat here today.

Its is also the time of year where the clubs and society of the students union submit their budgets for the next academic year, hence im sat here as Taekwondo club treasurer trying to find 3 quotes for equipment which is hard to find in the 1st place.

Im off now before my figures fall off as a result of the cold.

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