Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The downside to group work and shadowing

This is meant as rant rather just some info on why group work is bloody hard work.
One of our modules is analytical biochemistry which is an ok module however we have a presentation to do on the 1st week lab. Luckily everyone in our group but two are good mates so it should have been easy hmm not.

Why can’t people just do their work and get off their backside to come into uni.

*We need to compile our data however one pair out of the 4 pairs has made the standard curve but hasn’t actually tested the sample

*One can’t be bothered to send me the results and doesn’t want to come in on her day off ie tomorrow

*Two pairs couldn’t be bothered to stay back after lecture on Monday so we are now going to be doing it tomorrow ie the day before its due

Ohhh don’t you just love group work.

Now for something I do love

£4 for small piece and regular side at Pizza hut I think we have found our new dinner hide out for this year yummy.

Shadowing in less than a week so should be blogging every night then, went up to have to find where I am going yesterday and the surgery is huge. Hopefully that will give me something to mention on my personnel statement as all the GP shadowing I have done previously has been at small town/village surgeries where as this is in a deprived area of a major city so I expect the patient will be significantly different even if the clinical conditions are the same!

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