Thursday, 22 October 2009

Work shadowing

With the GP was great more on that later when i finish my diary!

Just heard back from all the local hospitals and its a no on the work experiance front. Seen as most graduate entry programs expect significant work experiance I think this could be the end of trying to get into graduate entry before i have even sent my UCAS.

WHy is it so hard to become a doctor goes off to cry in a corner!

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Gillian said...

What about trying to get a part time job as something medical-y (i.e. physio assistant, mla, medical scretary, phlebotomist, hca) rather than trying to get 'work experience'. I didn't do any official work experience like shaowing, i didn't even work in a care home or as a hca (im sure youve seen my application profile on tsr). Your sja stuff will be good to put down too. Dont worry about it, you WILL get into medical school! What work experience did you have when you applied as a school leaver? That should still be relavent. :-)