Friday, 30 October 2009

GP shadowing

The last week I’ve been thinking about what i could possibly write in my personal statement about the work shadowing I’ve just done. TBH for me it has just become box ticking as I know I want to do medicine now and nothing is going to confirm or change my mind that happened a few years ago now.

So what did i do??

-Shadowed in a baby clinic ( I so want a kid right now)
-House visits – just wow
-Went out to a homeless hostel
-Sat in on surgeries
-Shadowed district nurse

TBH I’m not going to post exactly what i learnt or intend to write about as our PS are checked using plagiarism software which scans the net for similar phrase.
The main point that came out of this for me that is different to what i had experienced on previous work experience was the desperation along side of wealth near where i live.

I personally come from a comfortable well off family where both my parents are in the police force and we have a business, I’ve never known my family struggle for the basic of life ie we have never had to think where is our next meal coming from or how am i getting to work tomorrow.

These people struggle for even the basic necessities never mind the thing i take for granted ie Dad I neeeeeed an iPhone, Dad can i have some money to go out etc. Im most of us have done this and i imagine alot of medical applicant will have purely due to a significant proportion of medical applicants coming from the middle class.
I slowly realised how much I would struggle to relate to these people if i ever become their doctor, not out of lack of wanting to but rather never having been in that position myself. It also made me think twice about my attitude of get off your arse and get a job, it really isn’t that easy for some people ie those with long term medical conditions etc.

I’m going to come back to this later as I’m really struggerling how to express what i want to!

Over all yes this work experience although not changing my mind on what i want to do with my life it has changed my attitude to a significant proportion of our society which must not be forgot or sidelined.

Unfortunately right now i don’t have time to do any significant work in this area but it is defiantly something I WILL be doing in the future.

Step 1 Convince dad to donate all the leftover food (Tonnes of it) from the business to the local homeless shelter at the end of the night.

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