Friday, 9 October 2009

UNI update

Well we’ve been back long enough to form opinions of our new lectures all of which I would say are ok apart from a certain one. He has us for one module and im beginning to hate it. Course work accounts for 40% of our module mark which is great and allows for you to bank and significant proportion of the marks need for a 2:1 or indeed a 1st before even stepping foot in the exam hall.

Brilliant I hear you saying. Well 10% of these marks come from two case studies which are easy enough in their selves if we had been taught what he expected. Ie does he just want the biomedical test or does he want the pathological basis of the disease. Does he want an explanation of how they cause symptoms or even what these symptoms are I feel a headache coming on. Have an appointment with my tutor on Monday to discus it and hopefully get some idea of what to do.

Other than that nothing much to blog about, taekwondo is going good and my grade is getting scaringly close also have work shadowing soon. Haven’t been doing as many HCA shifts as I hoped but that will improve once I get back into the habit of juggerling twenty things at once.

The uni taekwondo club starts back on Sunday and we managed to sign up loads of people at fresher fair so it will be interesting to see how many turn up seen as the session is free we expect quite a few.

Ill leave you with a song im currently addicted to have on repeat.

Britney spear – 3 or 1,2,3

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AJ said...

I LOVE 3!! (1,2,3 peter, paul and mary, getting down with 3P....) are currently in your second year right? I was wandering, would you recommend going for a 4 year BSc ( one year = Industrial experience) or just a 3 year BSc after which to study medicine!?