Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bit and bobs - proper post tomorrow


Well im loving my job so far, got puked on by a drunken teenager at 11am today like WTF. Strangely it made me smile and feel like a medical applicant again not just a failure which to be honest is what ive been feeling for the last year. Yes ill admit im slightly weired!


Preparation going well grading is getting closer and im getting more nervous.

Hmm what else

I haven’t been up to much really went to St Johns on Monday other than that been decorating my step parents house. Kinda boring roll on the start of uni in a few weeks!


Brilliant book – you should all check it out


That’s I for tonight I promise ill write a proper post soon – thanks to a certain reader for getting into contact with me makes me keep blogging when I realise I aren’t just talking to myself. Double promise on the relevant post tomorrow it may be something on my dissertation plan!

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