Friday, 4 September 2009

Why medicine the dreaded question and for me why not a paramedic?

The question most applicants dread at a medicine is “Why do YOU want to be a Doctor?”. Now to most people this seems a simple question to me it so isn’t. To be honest I don’t have a hard fast answer, medicine for me is just something I really really really want to do.

When I think back part of the reason for this is the fact I nearly died from a nose bleed (More on that later) and the fact my mam had a stroke when I was 10. Both these events made me realise that I want to be a doctor and help to heal the complex human body. (I should be revising anatomy right now). Now this reason for admission tutors wouldn’t get me an offer not even close.

I did quite abit of work experience in year 12 and loved it, the time I spent in GPs and hospital confirmed for me medicine was what I really wanted to do but shall I tell you something I still didn’t have a hard fast answer for the question. Why medicine or the worse one Why not nursing.

If im going to be honest my answer for the why not nursing question is easier,

-Increased responsibility of a doctor – I enjoy leading teams and being able to find the answer
-Prescribing right
-Im a big geek at heart and love science the limits of the nursing course would have me constantly asking why I need details I need to know the tiny details i.e that equation that’s going to be no use in clinical practice.

Now im going to have to work on that again if im hoping for grad entry!!!!

Why not a paramedic?

This is the big one for me, when I missed my medicine offer and was faced with clearing I did nearly go to Hertfordshire to do Paramedic sciences. If I hadn’t come home that day to cry that I was never going to be a doctor id likely be writing a very different blog right now.

Yes my interest in medicine is pre-hospital care and trauma, but as my dissertation is going to reflex im interested in what role a doctor has in this! As paramedics get more and more qualified they are creeping on doctors knowledge and are in emergency situation more useful that medics (More on that in the nose bleed post!). So what changed my mind – Again I want that vast medical knowledge and the big bag of tricks. Oh yeah and if I don’t get into A&E, ICU will be my next choice.

Im posting this up mainly for my benefit so I can come back to it over the next two years up to application and see how my views change! Hopefully ill be able to answer that question more confidently soon if not im fucked!

Shame just knowing deep down its what you want to isn’t enough!

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