Tuesday, 29 September 2009

St Johns, Voluntery work and uni

I originally stared this blog to chart my progress hopefully to medical school but it seems to have got well a little bit side tracked so a little post that is on topic.

Voluntary work

I went back after having shingles on Monday and was volunteering as a meet and greater in outpatients. Now this would have been fine at the hospital I used to volunteer at last year however where I am now, I have no idea what department is located where or anything. As you can imagine the shift was hard work to say the least but I now know my basic way round the hospital. Also a Asian couple came down looking for a taxi home no problem for me it was only when the guy I was with pointed out that I had responded in Chinese to them that I actually realised I had! See I have usefull for some things!

St Johns

Hmm where to start
Induction – Apparently I was meant to be on a induction course last weekend which I could have gone had they bothered to tell me I was meant to be going.
Hopefully will be going on the course shortly so should have more to post on after that.

That’s about it really its my 1st week back at uni so haven’t got much work to do thank god! Every introductory lecture so far has stressed to us how much work is involved this year to the point im actually beginning to get scared.

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AJ said...

hey, well i am hoping to start applying for volunteer work and maybe a part-time HCA post! But i dont have enough information on that. I have tried searching some local hospitals if they had any HCA posts available but well they dont. I was wandering, how can you go on to apply for volunteer work at a hospital!? I tried asking once at the reception and they simply said you need to contact someone else! :(