Sunday, 6 September 2009

The joys of kids

Bloody kids
I got landed looking after the neighbours twins today, now although this is fun they are so picky when it comes to food it’s a nightmare!

The convocation went something like this

Me- You want fish and noodles
Them – Yuk
Me – Fish and chips
Them – Yuk
Me – Pizza
Them – Yuk
Me – Mc Donald’s just don’t tell your dad
Them – Nah
Me- well what do you guys want
Them – Shrugged their shoulders
Me- Arghhhhhhhhh storms into the kitchen.

Here was my idea – mini jacket potatoes


Thank god they ate it. Ive recently done my 1st shift as a HCA so will write something to do with that shortly after I find the floor in the games room again. St John’s tomorrow so might try and write something about that. My CRB that was sent off for them should have come back by now as the one I sent after that has. Thank god they don’t show up speeding tickets was really worried about that.

By the looks of that photo I need to invest in a new phone, shame it has to be orange…I wonder when my upgrades due.

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