Thursday, 27 August 2009

Applying for halls sucks - Pay peanuts get monkeys

Argh last year in halls I had a bit of a nightmare with one of my flat mates so decided to not live there again. However I eventually managed to move halls and meet some great flat mates who this year are once again living in halls and ive decided to join them.

Now I missed the deadline due to what was going on so wont be placed until October which I don’t mind however im getting no where, the uni operate a system where by when you send your application you get a confirmation email which I never got I applied back in july and ever since have been attempting to get the uni to confirm my application.

8 emails the same as below later

Dear sirs
Due to the circumstance last year I missed the deadline for applying for halls for the academin year 2009/2010, as a returning student I am aware I will not be placed until October.

However I never received the automated confirmation email when I applied I am enquiring if you have received my application?

Thanks for you attention inregards to this matter.

Now their reply

I am really sorry but returning student will not be allocated until October may I suggest a private landlord.

How in the world does that answer the question above. Ive also rang them to be told the same and whenever I ask if they got my application they just say returning student wont be allocated until October without even taking a name to check if they have my application.

Pay peanuts get monkeys

More health care related post when I carm down in an hour or so!!!

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